Only platonic?

Platonic relationships? You’ve ever had one?

I don’t really believe in platonic relationships. Not in the truest sense of the world. And with this, I mean, no physical attraction whatsoever in a friendship… HA!

I’ve always believed that friendship with the opposite sex starts with some sort of attraction. I mean, you won’t really hang out with people you find unattractive. Nor will you be not willing to spend more time with the person you do find appealing. It’s just human nature.

This is actually a theory that I have: Within 6 months, two close friends of the opposite sex will somehow develop some feelings for each other. If not the man, then, the woman. Or vice-versa.

In every friendship between two people of the opposite sex, there will actually be a window of opportunity for something to develop. This window of opportunity may be just a mere 5 minutes, or a single night. Now, if one or the other takes action at that specific point of time, something may happen, and the relationship either deepens or breaks up. However, if either party doesn’t take advantage of this window of opportunity, nothing will happen. The friendship will just remain that — a close friendship.

How about you? What do you think?


Count myself as really fortunate to have several close guy friends. I can say that for the most of them, they were very platonic. Yes, I do know that maybe, some of them (not all!) may have felt an attraction to me when we first met, or, I felt that they were damn interesting people!

But my guy friends and I have a very fulfilling relationship. With them, I can pour all my heart and soul over my tragic, non-existent love life; my questions about life, politics, economics and more; and talk about taboo topics such as sex, women, breasts, pornography, friends with benefits, abortion and more. Haha, that’s me. Always the friend, but never the girlfriend!

Was there ever a chance that we could’ve been something more?


But did we ever cross that threshold?

No, except that one time — and he became my ex.

Will I ever do it again?

Of course! Finding someone to love, and who loves you back is a miracle enough. I have enough with the excuse, “I don’t want to risk our friendship.”


And you know it.

If the person likes you enough, or you like the person enough, I’d rather risk it in the hopes of something more spectacular and more beautiful. Than to cower in a shield of a “friendship.” Sometimes, we’d have to risk big so we can win big.

That’s what living life is all about… taking risks. Guts for that chance of something more than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Will I ever do it again? Sure, if the guy’s right. We’ll see…

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4 thoughts on “Only platonic?

  1. can guys and girls ever be friends? could have been better off that way. haha… but yeah you can never be friends with someone you are not attracted to. and there’s the moment you decide that he is indeed just a friend. nothing more.

    but there are times there is this force that pushes you to act on the feeling. and me being the risk taker that i am go for it, may the ending be heart breaking or heart mending.

    i’ve gotten more ouch’s this way haha… but you live you learn!

  2. this happened to me 7 years ago, we became friends for 2 years then we moved to the next step –GF-BF for 4 years.. sad part, we broke up last year. No communication or whatsoever anymore 🙁

    The thing is, i like this kind of relationship wherein you started as friends and eventually became a couple (pangit pakinggan pag lovers). 🙂

  3. I do agree with u that freindship between opposite sex cannot be just freindship for a long time..somewhere down the line either u feel thatt extra bit or u are made aware of the some thing more than a friendship!!
    nice one though!

  4. Abe, my ex and I were close friends for a while before we got together. He had feelings for me first, and I had them afterwards. Sad to say, we broke up with the promise of continuing our friendship. But he hasn’t contacted me yet, so it’s not my fault we haven’t been keeping in touch.

    Eventuallypretty, thanks for coming by again. But yes, I know. You can’t really be close friends with someone without an attraction to them. I’m actually going to take a “risk” sometime soon. Think he’s worth it. Wish me luck!

    Thanks Poison Ivy for dropping by and leaving a comment!

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