Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a young bird living in a golden cage.

Every day, his master gave him some seeds and some water. The bird was never in need. He could eat as much as he wanted, and he could fly around the cage as much as he wanted. And his master was happy with him. The bird also knew he was lucky. He lived in an expensive golden cage.

I have the most beautiful cage in the world!” the bird thought to himself. And he was happy and content.

But one day, when he woke up, he saw his cage door opened.

At first, he was afraid, and he waited for his master to close the door. But when his master still didn’t come back, the bird thought to himself, “I’ve never been out my cage. Maybe my master wants me to explore. I will go out and explore a bit, and come back when my master comes home.

So he flew out his cage.

The window was open, and so he flew out of the window.

He flew slowly at first. He was afraid. It was his first time out in the world. But after he started to spread his wings, he flew, he flew and flew!

It was glorious!!!

He saw the mountains and the sky, he met some other animals, and he talked to fellow birds. Sure, he had to look for his own berries, and once or twice, an evil hawk tried to eat it (good thing, he escaped), but he was happy! He never felt so free in his entire life. His heart soared! Oh, he was so happy!

But he started missing his master. He loved his freedom but he loved his master as well. He thought the master would be sad if the bird did not go and see him.

So he flew back to his master’s house.

When he hopped on the window’s ledge, the master was very happy to see him!

The master scooped him up and put him back on the cage. “BAM!” the cage door clanged.

The bird was happy. He was back home. The master was also happy. His bird was finally home after months and months.

But as the days passed on, the bird became restless.

He still had food and drink everyday. In his cage, he can fly as much as he can. He had the most beautiful cage in the entire world. But things were no longer the same. Whereas before, he was content, now, he was very unhappy. The world, the world where he so happily flew those days, was just limited to the tiny square of the window. He could eat his seeds and drink his water, but he wanted to taste the cherries on the trees and the refreshing feel of the brook. His heart yearned to be out again!

Everything was the same as before, but the bird was no longer happy.

He has already tasted what the real word was like, and being in a cage… became unbearable for him. He has tasted freedom, and it tears him apart to be flying in this cage when he knew that the world is so big to explore…


Let me tell you this, I feel like this bird. My parents emailed me last week that they’re giving me until Chinese New Year of next year to do all I can in Taiwan. My friends tell me to search my soul and find out what it is that I really want to do.

After tasting the freedom in Taiwan, how can I go back to a controlling, domineering environment and be happy? Sure, there were bad times as well, but all in all, I’m having the time of my life here.

Sigh, I’m pretty sure my family would show their guilt card soon. They would say it would be selfish for me to stay here, when it is obvious that they need me back home.

Guys, how will this story end? Send in your comments. I still have no idea on how this story will end yet. Do you?

How about you? What is your story?

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