Guess what?

Bought my first-ever bikini earlier last month.

My mom would totally freak.

And my dad would immediately ask me to go back to the Philippines in a jiffy if he knew.

*shrug* That’s what great about being in Taiwan. What your parents don’t know, won’t hurt them.

It’s ironic since SO many people are wearing bikinis back home. Whenever I check out Friendster, so many of my friends have posted pictures of them and their pals wearing bikinis in Boracay.

Bikinis are in. One-piece suits are out.

Let’s start with the party!!! 🙂


Took me about an hour to decide which bikini to buy.

I can be so indecisive at times. 🙁 Drove my friend ABSOLUTELY nuts.

And no, I’ve already chosen the design… it’s the color I couldn’t decide on.

At that time, I just broke up with my ex-hubby. Thus, I was seriously contemplating on a bikini that comes in two colors — the I’m-going-to-kick-your-ass black/yellow/white bikini; or the elegant-and-ladylike light blue/white one.

Both looked great on me btw. But with the black/yellow/white one, I felt empowered. You are what you wear, and with such a strong combination, I felt like a Spice Girl during their peak. No one could hold me down! HEAR ME ROAR!


Okay, enough of that…

Anyway, as for the light blue one, I felt more feminine and demure. It’s not Hello Kitty cutey-cute, but it’s more subtly done.

After an hour of contemplation, it was enough to drive my friend up the wall. And you couldn’t blame her, I changed bathsuits at least 5 times during that time. And I still couldn’t decide (Sigh, the joys of being a Libran).

The saleslady was actually saying that I should buy two. Ha! I’m already going to be in trouble buying one, should I test the waters to buy two?! Besides, if I’m buying two, I would rather get a different design.

Finally, my exasperated friend declared, “The blue one looks more for you. Get the blue one.”

So after 5 minutes, I finally got the blue one.

I don’t really have an actual picture, but it actually looks like this, but in different shades of blue and white:

Not so bad, huh? And hopefully, by the time I wear it later this month, I’ve maintained my exercise regimen and I’d look just as good wearing it.

Just can’t wait!

I like my new bikini… I’m glad I got the blue one.

My friend’s right. It looked more… me.

After a break-up, you’d like to go crazy and get something bold and daring to prove to the rest of the world you’re strong and powerful.

That you’re finally free.

But sometimes, it’s better to look like yourself. And stand strong for who you are.

Actually, it’s almost two months since I broke up with my boyfriend.

My feelings?

Weird, it’s gratefulness. Am glad I got out of the relationship.

I don’t hate him. We still haven’t talked (and I would rather have him initiate contact IF he still wants to be friends). But you know what, from the outsider’s point of view, we really were not compatible.

I was pushing for a relationship that was doomed in the first place. *shrug*

No regrets though. It was nevertheless a good experience. But I’m glad I’m out of it right now.

I never would have experienced the weath of what I’ve experienced in the past few two months if I didn’t break up with him. Finally, got to go out on “dates,” without feeling guilty.

Life is good, isn’t it?

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2 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. yeah one piece suits are out, bikinis are in. i thought it wouldn’t catch on in the PH but sure glad it did.

    if yer in a shirt and shorts on the beach youre the odd girl out. hehe…


  2. Bikinis are IN in the Phils. if you’re in those ultra-touristy places like Boracay maybe. And Boracay is NOT the Phils. Elsewhere, they wear bikinis alright, but after wearing a t-shirt and maong pants on top!!!

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