Part I: Vibe Adventure

I met a guy last Friday in a bar.

The bar, Vibe, had this insane reputation of being the meat markets of all meat markets in Taipei. It’s the place where people go afterwards to pick people up. The bar usually heats up around 3AM (It opens at 1AM, and parties till 7AM so go figure) and by that time, most people are drunk so anything can happen.

Karen and I heard so much about this place that we were curious on what it was. Another friend described it to us as a “cave-like bar where women are like lamb led in a den of wolves.”


But you’ve heard about the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat?” Admittedly, we were curious. Well, the fact it was so infamous incited our curiosity. And since we usually party till 3AM, we don’t really get the chance to go to Vibe. As I’ve said, the place is pretty dead before 3AM. Plus, we didn’t really like to pay another entrance fee.

And so last Friday, we did check it out.


Vibe felt like a cave. There was the first floor and the basement, and the basement was where the dance floor was. It was dark and a bit humid. I guess, the lights are turned down so low so that you can’t see the other person quite well. Better to pick up temporary partners with, so to speak. It’s definitely not uncommon for women to be deemed as “hot” by men, but upon seeing them under the bright fluorescent light at the rest room, they’re actually women in their late 30s looking for a foreign boyfriend.

Not a pretty sight, I tell you.

But guys can be so stupid at times. Give them a girl with big boobs and tight asses and they’re panting like a dog. The funny thing is, the uglier the woman are, for most of them, they dance pretty well. So once they see that woman shake their booty, well, the trap is then set.

Ever heard of “Coyote Ugly?” Not the movie, but the saying.

It’s when “a woman’s a 2 at 10, and a 10 at 2.” Ever heard of it?

It means, at 10PM, a woman’s a 2 (very ugly), but at 2AM, the woman rates a 10.

See how alcohol screws up your critical faculties?


Anyway, back to the story…

Surprisingly, despite its reputation, I liked Vibe. It had everything I want in a bar.

Big-enough dance floor

Loud mainstream music (The DJ was just bringing it on! Had fun dancing the whole night, este, morning)

Great drinks (My fave: Blue Diamond – a mix of the lychee alcohol, Dita, and some others)

Bottomline was: I liked Vibe.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that guys there were fast. I mean really fast. Not that we don’t get approached in any other bar. We do. But here are Vibe, guys approach you as if there’s no tomorrow.

Whereas in other bars, guys take their time, but at Vibe, sit there for 2 minutes, and a guy will definitely approach you, and most likely, a Caucasian at that.

Not that I have anything Caucasian, but chances are, he’s a player. If he looks like a player, talks like a player, chances are, he’s a player.

Karen and I spent most of the time warding off guys’ attentions. Man, I know we weren’t bad looking, but never realized we were THAT popular.

I mean, imagine, around 4 to 5 guys talked to Karen that night! Now, that’s a pretty big turnover!

As for me, my experience was different. I was fine in ignoring all the men. If they try to move next to me, I start dancing away. I just keep out of the way.

And for a moment, I was safe.


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