Orlando Heaven!

I no longer want Tom Cruise. He’s still cute, mind you… but he’s already dating Katie Holmes! My gosh, am I so jealous!!! But then again, if the 41-year old cutie is willing to date a 26-year old Dawson’s Creek beauty with all her stand on abstinence, then it just shows that I still have chance.

When they break up that is.

In the meantime, I can feast my eyes on the delectable Orlando Bloom, who was just beautiful at “Kingdom of Heaven.” The movie limped to the number one spot this week, earning US$20 million. Pretty good, huh? Except that it took a whooping US$150 million to produce. Of course, producers are disappointed. But hopefully, they can earn back the money in international markets. Twentieth Century Fox who distributed the movie said that the film earned an additional US$56 million abroad. So that’s good. If this movie’s a hit, for sure, we’ll see a lot more of Orlando starring in succeeding blockbusters.

That’s how cruel fame can be. It’s only good to you when you’re at the top of your world. But give us one movie flop (e.g., Ben Affleck) or a record that didn’t sell as well (e.g., Michael Jackson), and you’re way out of your career. It’s not very easy to stage a comeback as Mariah Carey did with her newest album, the Emancipation of Mimi (What the heck is that title?! Mimi? Blech.), but some still do try (e.g., the beloved Backstreet Boys who’s coming out with a new album).

Anyway, watched the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven” last week. Surprisingly good despite its 2 1/2 running time. I was actually at first quite squeamish in watching the movie. Personally, I don’t prefer war movies with lots of blood and gore, and I don’t like drama. And “Kingdom of Heaven” is no romantic comedy. In fact, I actually prefered “House of Wax.” At least, I get to see the American princess and spoiled brat, Paris Hilton, die.

But since most of our group wanted to watch “Kingdom of Heaven,” so there we were. Then again, I went along with it because I figured most people would have watched that movie in the next coming weeks, so it would be nice if we have something to talk about in the coffee table. It’s like reading the “Harry Potter” series. Don’t get me wrong. I like Harry Potter but for a girl who grew up reading Enid Blyton books, I thought the series was waaaay overrated. Of course, it was creative, but other writers were able to do so as well before. Maybe J. K. Rowlings just had better publicity or marketing firm.

Boy, am I glad I watched the movie. The plot was a bit thin, but the movie was beautifully-made. What else would you expect? This is Ridley Scott, the director of the Oscar-winning “Gladiator,” we’re talking about.

The epic movie tells of the story of a fictional blacksmith turned savior/knight extraordinaire/master tactician, Balian (Bloom), who goes to Jerusalem during the crusade and rises up to protect the city against the Arabs. A bit unbelievable at times (I mean, how can an untrained blacksmith be that good of a fighter?!), but still a darn good movie, despite what movie critics think. And despite watching it till 2AM, I still had a pretty good time.

And that’s what’s important when watching a movie.

Go Orlando! *Drool*

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