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After the interesting election weekend and Ma’s subsequent victory, I’ve been dealing with two groups who support polar sides of the KMT-DPP parties.
My DPP friends bemoan that the KMT is back in action. “Oh no! With the KMT support strong in the presidential and legislative front, they would be a significant hold of power, and can do whatever they want.”

Another supporter complained, “Because of the huge imbalance of power towards the KMT, there won’t be sufficient checks and balance both in the legislative and executive branch. The KMT can profit from their rule, and everybody is powerless to stop them.”

Meanwhile, my KMT friends understandably celebrate. My Facebook profile seems to be full of ‘em! A lot are happy with the change in government, exclaiming, “Finally, there’s hope for a new unified Taiwan!”

The DPP group has been fast to mention that it’s the KMT who tried to sabotage the DPP’s eight-year rule. “How can former President Chen make any changes if the KMT majority in the legislative attempt to reject every policy he tries to push? It’s not just the DPP’s fault, you know.”

True that.

They have a good point.

However, as an outsider, though I like the check and balances offered by the two political parties of the last administration, it’s still irritating to see people play politics instead of working on improving the economy.

For example, former President Chen would mention about Taiwan being independent from China and stocks would temporarily fall. The DPP tried to destroy the CKS Hall and finally changed its name instead.

There are numerous issues surrounding the Taiwan economy and social well-being, why not devote more time in that?

So what’s my neutral view on Taiwan politics?

Truth be told, I don’t really care much on who wins though I did believe that Ma would prevail. He’s too great of a politician not to, and he’s been patiently waiting in the sidelines for his turn, and finally he has it.

My DPP friends are worried, “The problem with Ma is that he’s too smooth as a politician. He changes his policies depending on who he talks to. I just don’t trust him…”

However, isn’t this a mark of a great politician?

Rock the boat and you won’t get your support.

But using the indirect and more diplomatic way can do wonders in getting people to your side, especially in the Chinese culture where “saving face” is an integral part of doing business/politics.

Sure, the DPP side now complains about the imbalance of power, but for me, too much time had already been wasted pushing for policies that are subsequently rejected in congress. In short, there were too much “bark” and no “bite” in the past eight years.

It reminds me of Chicken Little crying that the sky is falling, when nothing really is happening.

Personally, I think the KMT victory is wonderful in two major ways:

1) There is finally consensus.

Fighting to get policies implemented would be eliminated now that the KMT has major vote both in the legislative and executive bodies. At present, we need a decisive government who can make concrete decisions and actually implement them.

A hilarious yet solid example is changing the Freedom Hall name back to CKS Memorial Hall in Ma’s first day of power.

Sure, a trivial matter, but things get done faster when there’s a majority rule.

And if the KMT f*cks up, well, all I can say is, at least the country is moving forward and correcting its mistakes down the way, compared to the last administration’s where everybody’s just stuck there. 🙁

2) This is chance for the KMT party to prove themselves.

After 8 years of DPP rule, everybody’s been blaming the DPP for Taiwan’s bad economy and political state.

Well, now that the KMT has a majority in government, they have 4 years to prove that they deserve to hold the consensus.

If they still screw this chance up, then that would prove how Taiwan government sucks no matter on who’s in paper, and should be enough reason for me to get the hell out of here.

Overall, sentiments are generally positive in all fronts — stocks are rallying, people are happy and looking forward to the next 4 years, and Ma is alive and well. Life seems really rosy and even the weather agrees… heard that it’s going to be good weather all throughout the week.

To sum up, I’m not pro-DPP or pro-KMT.

Instead, I’m pro-Taiwan.
The DPP has had their 8-year chance to prove themselves and now is a good time to turn over the power to the other party and let them have a go.

So let the party begin!

Happy week everyone!

P.S. This is the 600th post! How time flies!

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