When You’re Living a Life Full of Regrets


A lot of people regret their past choices and why they made bad decisions they’re regretting now. They get caught up on negative emotions and end up depressed thinking they’ve wasted their life and “Woe is me…. I’m old and what have I accomplished?”

For me, time is better used looking forward than in the past. Sunk costs mean that you’ve spent it. Past is past and it’s water under the bridge.

Instead of thinking of “What could have been?” and living life with regrets, maybe it would be healthier and more productive to look forward and ask ourselves what we will accomplish in the next 5-10 years.

So what if you have no money now? Or if you feel the lack of purpose now? Who cares if you spent decades on a useless loveless marriage? Or you screwed up your career and want to restart elsewhere?

Like who cares anyway? Past is past and it’s water under the bridge.

The BETTER, more important question to ask now is —- So, where do you want to be in the future? THEN work now to make it happen.

Like now, I’m not the wealthiest and there’s more work to be done. But I’m working to ensure I will be more financially secure for the future. Buy a nice home for my kids and make a bigger impact on the community.

There are no shortcuts in life.

If you keep complaining about the regrets in the past, you will still complain about it 10 years later with nothing to show for it.

But if you work towards the future today, and work at it EVERY DAY, then I don’t think anything is impossible.

So stop doing analysis paralysis and work to make your tomorrow a reality. Start from scratch if you will, but if you persevere, you’re way better off than most who look back and regret, since you’re busy building a life for your tomorrow.

Good luck!

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