My Top 15 Tips to Simplify Everyday Life

1. Marry a good husband. 50% of problem solved right there.

Hubby has no chicks (that I know). He’s a good father. And is not lazy or financially inept.

2. Get a helper – A yaya frees time for yourself. I can type this comment because the yaya cares for the baby.

3. Get a nice pillow and mattress. If you sleep well, you problematize less. As sleep is your escape.

4. Buy a washing machine with dryer – No to handwashing. Everything is thrown in washing machine. Yaya hangs to dry. Lots of free time made.

5. Order grocery online.

I get my veggies and fruits from Ralyn’s Market. I message Mylene, pay in Gcash or bank and then they deliver it next day. The weights are correct.

No need to buhat heavy plastic bags from grocery.

6. Surround yourself with people you like. Cause no point to be annoyed with people you dislike.

It’s your choice to hang with them and yet you complain?

7. Stop being triggered every time there’s a political issue and respect that people will vote someone that’s not your candidate.

Negativity is not attractive. And it’s ok that we don’t have the same views. So CHILL.

8. Get better internet.

We upgraded to Fiberr and I have less problems with online classes and work stuff. I wish I did it earlier.

9. Try to have a heater for shower. So when life sucks, you have a hot shower to look forward to.

10. Stop the victim mentality and move towards a problem solving mentality.

Many of our problems are from the way we think and structure our issues. Change the way we think and most problems disappear.

Sometimes it’s really how you react to day to day things. So change the way you react.

11. Stop comparing yourself to people richer/prettier/better than you.

Like you envying others won’t make you taller/whiter/smarter/prettier. So why stress? I look at my kid and smile.

12. Learn advanced excel and how to type faster. The quicker you do things, the better it is.

13. Stop buying branded things and consider sub quality but ultra cheap products from Shopee.

I buy and it gets delivered two days later. Simplified galore as I don’t need to go to the grocery to buy detergent, flour, instant noodles, etc. I don’t need to buy clothes from the mall cause I get them cheaper than Shopee.

14. Live closer to where you work. I walk to work. Saves me time, headache and money for commute.

15. Stop complaining.

As if things will change just because you yakked about it. So either you do something to change your situation…. Or keep quiet.

Complaining is useless. It’s yak yak yak without a solution. So stop. No point. If you have a problem, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Bonus: Put your kids in a school you love. Saves you a lot of anxiety.


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2 thoughts on “My Top 15 Tips to Simplify Everyday Life

  1. You are indeed an amazing person Mam Tina! I’ve been waiting for your post lagi! very useful, precise, and sobrang informative.

    Love your work, as always!

    Keep it up Ma’am!! Stay pretty and lovely!!

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