Highly Recommended: My Little Art Place (Zoom Version) for Art Classes to Kids as Young as 4 Years Old

It’s Aeva’s first My Little Art Place lesson last August 11. I have enrolled her for some art classes just to see how far her interest would go.  Their Zoom-based art classes had the following details:

  • Rate: 8 Sessions, 2x a week for Php 6,800.00 payable by bank deposit or transfer
  • 1.5 to 2.0 hours per session, inclusive of materials (shipping fee not included)
  • Pickup of materials is from Addition Hills, San Juan

Response from their Facebook Messenger was quite fast. I enrolled her on Sunday, paid up on Monday, picked up her materials in the afternoon and she started her first class on Tuesday morning. Here were the materials we got from My Little Art Place:

There was a sketch pad, some pieces of paper, Dong-A Oil Pastels, some Acrylic Colors, paintbrushes, pencil, eraser and some tape. All placed in a green ecobag. Not particularly impressive but hey, it works.

Teacher Ryan was her teacher that day. Apparently, it was a 1×1 class, which was kinda scary and cool at the same time.

Aeva and Teacher Ryan started with blending of colors. The daughter found it a bit difficult since she was just 4.5 years old and still don’t have a lot of hand muscle control.

Another issue was that pencil blending only works with one color, which makes the exercise a bit dull. However, she trudged on and still finished the exercise, thus making it all work.

For the second part of the session, Teacher Ryan asked us to help Aeva tape a piece of smooth paper onto the table.

Following simple instructions, they drew three pears together.

Colored the pear and the wall….

Followed by the table…

And then finished up with drawing the shadows and the outline…

This was the final creation — Three pears on a table, Aeva’s first work as a 4.5 year old girl.

Looks like dried up suha, but hey, she’s 4.5. Let’s give her a break.

Here’s the little artist who is proud of her first formal art work, which she mostly did all by herself with just a little bit of help. All the painting was all her. I think I helped in outlining the fruit, which she found hard to do.

See how proud and happy she was! She sent the photo to her grandparents and her Cousin Jessica. We will frame this once it’s GCQ.

Her next class is this Thursday, and I believe she is excited. Art materials are not that expensive pala in Lazada and Shopee, and we both cannot wait for her next art class.

Looking forward to seeing more beautiful creations from this little girl soon!

Look Ma! No eyes!


Php 850.00 per class is a super worthwhile investment for those who can afford it. It was a great introduction to what art is, and we learned how technique improvement does wonders in making a better final product.

Compared to the Reading Class I enrolled her in the past, her first My Little Art Place experience was a blast. Given that she’s 4.5, they’ve managed to tickle her interest and showed her just how much better she can be.

I would recommended My Little Art Place for parents who want to introduce their kids on serious art. Take note that Aeva is only 4.5 years old, so the fact that they can come up with such output is admirable, and I thank My Little Art Place for opening up the possibility of her making great art.

My Little Art Place
222 Wilson st. Greenhills San Juan City
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mylittleartplace/ 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mylittleartplace
Email: mylittleartplace@outlook.com

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I pay for Aeva’s lessons 100%, and I’m happy to give the money if it is worthwhile, which it is. All the above is my opinion only, and is accurate and true based on my/our experience. If the experience is amazing, I’d be happy to share it with others. But if it sucks, I will most likely try to be nice and say nothing publicly. However, I will be brutally honest with my assessment if asked privately. Not all classes are worth the money, so if they are, I’d be happy to support them. Businesses are having a hard time now, so this is one way to give back to the local community and offer support. 

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