Love, Mr. Dessert and Hope for Single Women in Daranak Falls

We had an interesting experience at Daranak Falls Tanay.

When we went to Tanay Daranak Falls, we heard the big voice of a man who was hawking his mango graham goodies.

Mango Graham in a tub is super easy to make. A recipe can be found here. We just found it a bit weird that someone would sell mango graham dessert by the falls.

What’s his name?” I asked.

We don’t know his name,” the guy said. “We just call this guy ‘Dessert.'”

The dude was going around the falls hawking his wares. The wife sat by the entrance guarding the rest of the goodies. Both were simply attired but it was admirable to see just how hard working they were.

Please note that we were there on a Tuesday, not the weekend. Most tourists go on a weekend. And yet he was there with his wife, making a living.

“You guys should marry someone like him,” I told the single ladies in the group. “A man does not need to be handsome or rich. He just needs to have initiative and work as hard as this man.”

We opine that maybe she makes the dessert and he accompanies her to sell their wares. Each tub was php100, so the profit was not much. However, I admired men like him, who always have a happy smile, answers with respects, and is not afraid to approach people with a decent product to make a living.

What’s even more admirable was the fact that they elevated their marketing and had this boombox hawk their wares so that they don’t have to shout the entire day.

How ingenious! That’s his wife’s back!

That’s one great thing I love about living in the Philippines.

Unassuming men like Mr. Dessert live among us. And despite their simple background, Mr. Dessert works hard to make a good living, enjoys his time with the company of his wife whom he thinks is the most beautiful woman ever, and gives us hope that there are still good men living in the city.

Presenting Mr. Dessert — may there be more men like him! ❤️

And I hope that if you’re in Daranak Falls, please buy his mango graham to support him and his wife.

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