“Mommy, it’s too hard”

My 3-year old daughter told me that her Chinese lesson was too hard. She could not remember the words for “sun” and “moon” despite me repeating it over and over.

“Mommy, it’s too hard,” she said as her eyes started to tear up.

My mommy guilt rose — am I pushing her too hard? She’s only turning 4 this month. Most kids don’t even go to school. But I strengthened my resolve.

This was good for her. I know in my heart she needs this. I don’t care if she knows sun or moon or whatever Chinese words the kindergarten throws at her, but I do want her to learn:

  1. That she should not dismiss something as too hard just because she doesn’t understand it. If you don’t know it, then aim to know it. Once you know it, it gets easier,
  2. That she can’t give up just because it’s too hard. I won’t let her,
  3. Once she understands the concept, she can play, thus reinforcing that there’s reward to her effort.
  4. Everyone else in the family will not let up until she know the words sun and moon. I’ve had both grandmother test her on random times of the day to ensure she learns it.
She finally learned the two words after a day or two. And this is just Junior Nursery.
I rue the day she will turn Grade 1.

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2 thoughts on ““Mommy, it’s too hard”

  1. It might help if you draw the sun and moon and the characters on post its and put it around the room so she picks it up organically (does she have to recognize the character or just the sound). I was surprised when I stayed with a Fil Chi family in Singapore last year that their four year old was already reading English and adding in school

    1. Yikes, that was fast! Haha, that’s why our Singapore counterparts are higher in terms of academic rankings than us. Thank you for your suggestion!

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