The Problematic Bear

We found this cute backpack bear at the Taipei Taoyuan Airport.

teddy bear

My daughter squealed with delight and wanted to take it home.

I hate finding random things. While other people may think they are lucky to find money on the street, I think the opposite.

I have a strong belief that what goes around, comes around. Hence, any luck that finds you will be cancelled out by some unlucky even that will follow. 

So I don’t like finding money on the street. I don’t like gaining fortunes that I did not work for. Personally, if I see something that’s not mine, I do NOT take it home.

But my daughter wanted the monkey, so my husband insisted that I take it home with us. To add insult to the injury, the bear is owned by a Brian Bui, whose telephone number was written on the bear.

teddy bear2.png

So now I know it belongs to a little boy named Brian. And I know his number. I am sure he does not live in the Philippines.


But baby likes it, so we take the monkey home. And I am now obliged to return the little monkey to Brian.

I’ve sent him a text. Hope he responds.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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