This is the funniest story I read last week

The story of the couple who sells all their belongings, buys a boat to travel the world and somehow sinks it two days later.

Since their boat is below water, they are trying crowdfunding in the hopes of raising $12,800 to bring their ship back.

They are seeking $12,800 to rescue the ship, which sunk off the coast of Madeira Beach, Florida.

Ms Walsh said raising the boat alone will cost at least $8600.

“We have a lot of family helping us, but it’s hard when you’ve lost everything,” Ms Walsh told the Post from Jacksonville, where the couple is staying with loved ones.

A piece of me do feel sorry for the couple. After all, it is their life savings.

Another part of me also chuckles, as the story is pretty ridiculous. Lesson to self: If you decide to invest your entire life savings on a boat, also do some due diligence on HOW TO SAIL A BOAT.

It is easy to feel sympathetic, but that won’t help bring their boat back. But laugh all you want, the couple has already raised their target in their GoFundMe account:

Isn’t it great that in today’s world, stupidity is rewarded after all. So laugh all you want. But this couple was able to raise more money than they need to travel around the world.

Now let’s see if they will actually use the money to salvage their boat and finish their dream. I think not — it’s not hard for me to imagine that they’re laughing all the way to the bank — but hey, one can always hope!


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