Lessons from Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is a powerful Hollywood producer.


He is also a man who raped and sexually harassed many women. Weinstein used his position to place women in compromising positions and sexually abuse them. Here are just the impartial list of women that Harvey allegedly abused:

After the Harvey Weinstein story broke in the New York Times last October 2017, a flood of women and men started to complain about sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood.

All of a sudden, sexual abusers became uncool, and everyone who had a long term grudge can come out and say that they too were a victim of sexual abuse. Here are the impartial list of people who have something to say.

Harvey Weinstein is not alone. Even Kevin Spacey was thrown in the mix.

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The sad part is, Harvey Weinstein’s misbehavior has been an open secret for YEARS.

We all knew that Terry Richardson was a predator, who objectified women and treated them like sh*t. There was a lot of exposes about him. Here is one example that came out in 2010 about how much of a jerk Richardson was — Meet Terry Richardson, the World’s Most Fcked up Photographer.

Here he is with Barack Obama.


And Vogue only cut his contract after the shit hit the fan.

What I am saying is this, in this day and age of fast Internet and the spread of information, nothing gets hidden for too long.

Gone are the days where people can kill and get away with this. Take for example this blind that alleged that the naughty Bill Clinton did something bad before he was President.

The biggest lesson is this: Don’t ever let your sense of power and entitlement get to your head. 

That’s the problem with having authority.

Sometimes, we take our position for granted. We forget that with more power, comes more responsibility. At the end of the day, everything catches up to us and we have to be even more accountable with the power.

The problem with powerful figures is that we forget that authority can be fleeting.

Take for example Robert Mugabe who has been president of Zimbabwe since 1987, whose power is threatened this week via a coup. That’s 30 years!

Over the 3 decades of power, Mugabe stole from his countrymen and amassed so much wealth at the expense of his countrymen. He may have lied, stole and rampaged his country for YEARS.

Now, if he is removed from power, there is a day of reckoning. Nothing gets hidden forever, and we have to face the consequences of our actions one day.

That is why, I try to remain humble and level-headed.

It’s really hard.

Many times, I feel other people are lazy or stupid or beneath me. Sometimes, I don’t understand why people cannot get it even though the answer is so obvious in mind. There are times as well that I am tempted to do the wrong thing just because I know I can get away with it.

I guess, that’s human nature.

But the Harvey Weinstein scandal and those that follows show that nothing remains a secret for long.

If you are a jerk, you will be found out as a jerk later on.

If you are a liar, time will tell and show the real depth of your character.

No matter how much you hide your stench, later on, the door will burst open and everyone will know what an asshole you really are.

So why even try? Why even try to open the Pandora’s box?


That is why, we need to live our lives as if people are watching.

Not for their benefit or for their approval. But rather, because we are decent human beings and it’s not right for us to do evil things just because people aren’t paying attention.

Because you’ll never know if people are watching and recording, or when shit will hit the fan.

Kevin Spacey’s career is now over.

While he is a phenomenal actor, Spacey will find it hard to reboot his career. It’s too bad. He doesn’t have to step into too many toes to be excellent. He is already a great actor as it is.

Too bad it got into his head.


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