Times Flies When You’re Having Fun

I’ve been quite busy the last couple of weeks. Basically, a lot of it is spending time with Boyfriend, but more often than not, we spend most of the time together working.

You see, we’re both in the car after-market industry.

He’s in the fine-tuning performance business, and his job is to make cars go faster. When asked about what he does, he usually tells people, “Have you ever watched ‘The Fast and The Furious? Well, that’s what I do… make cars go fast.”


As for me, I’m in the car accessories business. We sell head units, alarms, wipers, and boring stuff you put in the car to make it look good. So in a way, we share a common language — cars and a love for work.

Like right now, as I update you with what’s going on with my life, Boyfriend is photoshopping my company brochure. It’s a lazy Sunday sure, but at least, no one can ever say that he’s lazy. Haha, especially when it’s helping me with my stuff.

A lot of people ask us already when we’re settling down. And whether it is serious.

Here’s what I always tell them, “I really don’t know where it is going, but look, I really do love being with him and he makes me happy so let’s see where it goes.”

As they say, it’s difficult to really predict the future. For example, I originally thought that Trader and I would get married. We were dating long enough anyway. Fortunately, God has other plans for me.

So here we are, working. And having fun.

I hope that your weekend is well too.

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