I Feel Like Such a Failure

Because I cannot handle the grassroots employees of our family business.

Personally, I take responsibility. My training ever since was to work with the upper echleons of society (e.g., Presidents, COOs, Finance Heads) that I am unable to work well with people who live below the poverty line.

It’s not that I am mean to them because I am not. Ask my other loyal employees. But I feel that I get impatient when talking to people who doesn’t seem to understand.

I cannot be totally empathetic when it comes to their complaints of woes. Personally it’s because I believe that there’s really no problem as long as people can work. If you have an issue with money, then work well and harder. If you’re really an asset, your boss will naturally increase your salary.

My Hong Kong and Taiwanese mindset do not serve me well here. I tend to be too impatient, too harsh, too rude.

People here don’t mind serving you till death as long as you hold them with velvet gloves. I cannot really be that superficial. If you are a good employee, I will treat you well. But if you are not performing, then I’m sorry but I will be harsh.

It’s not easy. I feel like a failure.

I feel disappointed that I am not outperforming. And I’ve let several of my family members down.

I hope that I find my niche soon. 🙁

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