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Is Relationship Hard Work?

Are relationships really hard work? I’ve read an article from Thought Catalog that reacts to Ben Afflect’s thank you speech to wifey, Jennifer Gardner, citing that marriage has been hard work and yet how glorious is it to work hard … Continue reading

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Update: Three Months and Everyone’s Pressuring Us to Get Married!

Boyfriend and I had been blissfully dating for the last three months. At this point in time, he is now automatically invited to family events and dinners, and vice versa. The funny thing though, everyone around us — my mom, … Continue reading

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I Feel Like Such a Failure

Because I cannot handle the grassroots employees of our family business. Personally, I take responsibility. My training ever since was to work with the upper echleons of society (e.g., Presidents, COOs, Finance Heads) that I am unable to work well … Continue reading

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V-Day Trumps ALL!

My boyfriend and I decided to shy away from the usual Valentine’s Day festivities, and celebrate this special day yesterday instead. So yesterday, he picked me up at 4:00pm, and took me for a luxurious 1-hour massage at the Discovery … Continue reading

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Talking of the Future

I joined my boyfriend’s family last night for dinner at the Marriott Hotel buffet. This is nice — When your boyfriend’s parents like having you around, as you are blessed to be in their company. “This is how an ideal relationship … Continue reading

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You’re Perfect… Now Change

I met a really cute guy yesterday. Let’s call him IR. IR is in many ways a geek. He likes drafting, cosplaying and making his own anime figurines. IR is smart, as he graduated from the top university in the Philippines. … Continue reading

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Changing for Love?

My Taiwanese sister, who is a lot like me, is in an unhappy relationship. This is what she said: “His family is traditional.” “He wants me to be his ‘house’ wife, to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for him. He gives me … Continue reading

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The ABC of Success

A wise man once told me, there’s the ABC of Success: A for Ability: To be a success, you have to be able. Competent. Good at what you do, whatever that can be. You can be the best blogger in the … Continue reading

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