Reflections while on my last week of internship

Sorry for the disappearance. I’ve been pretty busy with my internship and all. 🙂

Over the last two weekends, I’ve spent most of the Saturday afternoons and evenings sleeping. Honest? My body has just been drained waking up at 5:45 am on a daily basis, working till 8:30pm or so, and then asleep by 12:30am that it can’t help but complain come the weekend.

Thank god for weekends. I love ’em now. 🙂

However, I am very much blessed with such wonderful internship experience. How can 10 weeks fly so slowly and so fast? It seems that I’ve been there in my firm for months, having seen the many changes in the desk (we just hired 4-5 very seasoned salespeople), and the turmoil that’s been going on in the financial markets (e.g., Will the US default? Oh no, it might default. Wait, no it didn’t. Suckers. Aaargh, the sky is falling again. What the hell?).

I think everyone who has the chance to should get an internship. It’s a tremendous opportunity that gives you exposure to the Business you wish to be in, as well as to learn the most important lesson: That after 16 months of MBA, you know NOTHING and there’s no substitute to real-life market experience.

What makes me very lucky is that I know this. And very much humbled by this fact.

Despite having already worked for 6.5 years, I know jack shit about the financial markets. You cannot imagine just how many very experienced people is in my desk right now. You cannot help but just be in awe watching them work. Wow.

So that’s the reason why I’ve kinda disappeared. My body just can’t take doing anything else but eat, sleep and work. Hahaha!

That said, I’ve been enjoying my time with a few chosen classmates. That’s another benefit of an MBA: they say you get the alumni network but nothing is more precious than hanging out with your classmates as they themselves go through a different yet similar internship experience elsewhere.

That bond is truly once-in-a-lifetime.

I’ve gone increasingly close to many of them. I’ve realized that despite our many ups and downs, there has been a growing respect between each other. We know each other’s good and bad and accept each other just the same.

I am also glad to be away from the mess of being in a smaller class of 115 students. Admittedly, MBA was a bit like highschool. Some slept around, a few cheated on their significant others, and others tried to backstab you. Aiya, aren’t we adults now? Why make life so complicated.

And yet, we survived.


Though I now think that an MBA is not necessary – I once thought it was an “I must have it experience” – I do treasure the entire experience. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Also, Trader and I are doing so well. Did I just tell you? He earned his CFA!!!! Haha, so proud of him. 🙂

Okay, gotta go and sleep now. Take care you all and I love you so so much!

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