Partying out…

Over the last two days, I’ve been sleeping at 5am (the time when the sun starts to shine) after partying all the way out in LKF.

Hahaha, after 9 months or so of being a prisoner in my own room, churning out work, I’ve decided to utilize the last few days of the semester to just enjoy myself a bit. 🙂

It’s quite fun too and I do have a good excuse — people are leaving and the exchanges whom I’ve made a few friends with are going home.

As a less sentimental person, I don’t really feel that this is goodbye. But then again, since they’ve been partying the entire semester, they of course knew where were the happening clubs were.

Really loved the music at Tonic though I think their drinks were watered out. Xing drank two glasses of Long Island Iced Tea there and only got plastered after having one at Zinc. Totally different level.

Their French draft beer is pretty cheap at HKD62 though. Me likey.

Anyway, off to the beach now people. The weather seems okay and there’s a BBQ there. Should be fun.

Then a local Hong Kong dinner tonight. Woot woot!

Hope all is well.

Aaargh, still so much to do later – pack, study, do a couple of powerpoints.

Then again, later later!


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  1. jxu says:

    Have fun! ^^

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