You really cannot have it all…

My boyfriend wants me to shut up.

He thinks I talk far too much and after a hard day’s work, all he wants is to relax in front of the TV, enjoy the silence, and have me cook a nice steak dinner for him.

I told him he should start looking for another girl.


Because I’m intrinsically talkative.

Because I like to drive myself and everyone around me nuts with constant stories, chismis (gossip), and interesting useless tidbits of everything I see around me.

Because I have interests and I read. Because I travel. Because I strive to be higher up the food chain, and stress myself with details that women usually don’t stress about.

Like how to make my program better. Like how to push people to find their ideal jobs. Like how to get rid of that useless boyfriend of yours.

I have opinions. And you found it interesting when you first met me.

And now, you complain because I cannot shut up?

Shhhh… I love you. I want to be with you,” he then tells me after my angry tirade.

I shut up.

And it was quiet again as we cuddle.

Aiya, guys want it all la.

They want someone interesting yet unboring. They want a woman they can be proud of, but they don’t want to hear about the hassles of a woman who’s striving up the ladder. If you are in between — if you are an average woman — then they’re bored. Zzzzzzzzzzzz….

 Overall, I think it still plays better to be interesting than to be boring.

Because being interesting works for you in the long run.

Being boring gets old fast.

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2 thoughts on “You really cannot have it all…

  1. I can’t say I can agree with your complete observation, but I’m not there.

    However, as a male of the species I can attest to the need to decompress after work. For me, just some time to decompress and I’m ok to socialize with other humans. So perhaps just give him some time to relax and he’ll be good to socialize with.

    Otherwise, please don’t be boring!

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