10 Things I Want this Christmas

1) A customer-facing sales job in the sell-side… please, I ain’t smart enough for anything else! Haha, but honestly, it’s more of an ideal fit to my customer-focused, results-oriented personality.

2) A light-colored Bottega Veneta shoulder bag. Not that I’m past Miu Miu, Ballys and Pradas, but hey, the ability to actually be able to afford this baby just means that I’m employed again.

3) To ace my summer associate intership interviews and be offered a full-time job post the gruesome 3 month live interview.

4) For our love to blossom and through time, patience and a lot of communication, Trader and I can smoothen out our major differences and live relatively peaceful lives.

5) Good health to my and Trader’s families. You only have one life to live, better live it to the longest.

6) Great professors in my HKUST MBAs who can teach me life-changing takeaways.

7) For me to be a total pro in valuations and be able to get my financial technical skills down pat.

8) My butt not to hurt. Lately, it’s been quite sore from all the studying.

9) My mom’s eyesight to get way better.

10) Lifelong friendships to be made in and out of my MBA

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