“I’ll break up with you if you work for XX”

Just recently, my boyfriend told me that he’ll break up with me if I ever work for Goldman Sachs.

He also works in the financial industry and knows just how much time and dedication required to be enlisted at GS. Actually, having both worked in the sector before, we have the greatest respect for this 100+year old institution.

Yes, they’ve made a lot of enemies these last couple of years. Yes, they’ve been called Goldman Sucks in jest. But as they say, they’re not in this industry to be loved, but to be respected. In other words, people are just jealous. Ha.

Regardless, I realized today that the GS culture is a lifestyle. As one of the panelists spoke today, he says, “You need to have that internal drive of success. To be the best in everything that you do. Make it a habit. And the money, which should never be the priority, will follow.”

I especially liked that the firm embodied a client-centric culture. I guess, coming from a firm that valued its people more than its clients, this is a breath of fresh air. “If you take care of your clients, they too will take care of you,” the panelist said.

Given the amount of intellectual horsepower required to pass the rigorous interview process, I am unsure whether I would even be called on for a phone interview. You’ll never really know, right? And the best way we can survive and get internships is to just indescriptly apply to any bank that has your target positions.

However, I do have an even new found respect for Goldman.

The sad part is, if Trader was really serious about breaking up with me if I ever worked in the company (not that I’d do but still), which one would I really choose?

In a way, it’s like choosing between love or career.

I love Trader to death, but then again, we’ve only been together for 1.5 years. Haha, if it all boils down to who’s bringing home the bacon, well, put it this way. I’m sorry for being so blunt, but guys let us down but a career… you really get what you put in. Work hard, and you’re rewarded well regardless on whichever firm you’re in.

Is it really bad of me to say this?

But I do firmly believe that if Trader really loves me, we’ll get through with this. In a way, he shouldn’t make me choose one or the other. Ultimatums don’t work and if he’s asking a stubborn me to make a choice, I honestly don’t know which one I’ll choose because I hate just being told what to do!

Anyway, cross the bridge when we get there. Just think it’s a silly statement.

Or is it? 🙁

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