My Second Home: The HKUST Library

The facilities here at HKUST has been quite impressive. Not only do we have a spectacular view of Clearwater Bay, but it’s also home to a gorgeous library, where silence is king.

I’ve spent a few hours today in the library. It’s my first time for me to really study here since school started. More often than not, you can catch me milling around the grounds or dropping by in one of the many club meetings that’s proliferating ltaely.

I like the quiet.

It’s really different to be studying in a free airconned library vs. being in the dorm where your AC is clocked in at HKD$ 1 an hour. Seriously, the dormroom’s aircon is charged per minute.

The only problem with the library is that it gives you liberal Wi-Fi/Internet access, thus making my mind wander off towards leaving useless notes in Facebook and unnecessarily checking my email every 15 minutes.

Oh well, you cannot win them all.

I am glad however to find a home. Or a second home so to speak.

Since class has started, I have already adjusted well to my single bed at the dorms. The best times to study are in the evenings when everyone is asleep, and I don’t even mind the shared bathrooms.

Fears of not finding a shower when one needed it remains unfounded. Despite 3 showers being shared by 20 roommates, we are still all able to shower at our own sweet times.

Okay, gotta stop doing useless stuff.

Back to my readings! 🙂

And hope that you’re also having a great weekend as well!

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