And it’s only been Day 1!

Dear dad and mom,

School has been very stressful. This week, our assignment is to read a whooping 80-page annual financial report and answer a 4-page question sheet. We also had a 16-page economics report to analyze and digest for group work.

I am also trying to be active in extra-curriculars, to see how I contribute my coordinating skills further as what I’ve done before. We’ve just begun our journey, and I am very excited to what everyone is going to accomplish. More to come in the next few letters.

To top it off, your daughter is maybe catching a cold, or almost a fever. Maybe it’s the stress and workload, but I haven’t really been in physical top form. I do get a bit tired, but how can I rest? The show must go on, and I find myself still typing away at 1am in the morning despite 9am classes tomorrow!

The classes btw are 3.5 hours long, and for Wednesday, hello back-to-back classes. 🙁

It’s really important to have time management, because if it’s not group work, it’s about course readings. If not extra-curricular activities, it’s another meeting with the MBA office to ensure everyone’s on the right page.

And believe it or not, it’s only been Day 1!

Oh my gosh.

If mom and dad said before that MBA is a walk in park, that’s not really true. Not at all!

I think intellectually speaking, your daughter has finally met her match. Not only do I have to deal with coursework and multiple readings but I am continually learning how to work well with each other. Unlike the world of finance which forces us to be more aggressive and fast acting, in MBA, it’s a totally different story and it’s really a continuous effort to go back to my more laid back side. I’m trying though so that’s a start.

It’s amazing how the world is different away from work.

Regardless, do remember that your daughter loves you a lot, still alive and despite all the chaos surrounding her, is enjoying hjer MBA experience. The coursework has been good so far, my classmates are all quite competent and amazing by themselves, and enough challenges to keep me awake.

Will write when I get the time but really need to get my zzzzzs. Take care and love you!

Your loving daughter,


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2 thoughts on “And it’s only been Day 1!

  1. Hi Bonita,

    I stumbled upon your blog while researching on MBA and MSc in Global Finance. I’m interested in the HKUST-NYU MSc in Global Finance. I’m wondering if you have any insights on that programme, since you’re doing an MBA at HKUST?

    Please feel free to email me! Would love to hear more from you!

    1. Heard it’s really tough and your classmates are international. Meaning classmates fly in a couple of times a month to attend classes. That’s the most that I know of, but I can further help if you have any queries on the MBA program per se at HKUST. 🙂

      Btw, personally speaking, I’d prefer an MBA than a Masters. But that’s just me.

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