Doubts – and hope

When people find out that I’m nearing the big 3-0, the inevitable questions start…

Do Trader and yourself have plans of getting married?”

“Had your parents start pressuring you to get married? I know mine am…”

And who can blame them, seriously?

Back in the Philippines, my friends on average started getting married by the tender age of 25-26. Many of them are now having their first or second babies at 28-29, after around 2-3 years of marriage bliss.

Meanwhile, I remember entering my first official job at 24, changing jobs at 26 and having the ball of my life, and now starting my MBA before I turn 30.

In short, whereas my friends were settling down, I was embarking on a different journey of working and getting a second degree.

My mom is personally nervous, as I’ve already told you before.

She is afraid that I am choosing my career over my family life. “MBA/Career or a family?” she demanded me during one of our heart-to-heart talks.

Well mom, it’s not as if I have a choice right. Trader isn’t really proposing at the moment (Note: Girls, if you want to get married earlier, choose an older man. Trader unfortunately is around 2.5 years younger than I am, hence, the wait). So it’s not as if I’m holding him back.

Likewise, there are days where I wonder whether Trader is really my future. Yes, I know it may sound very sacrilegious for me to say things like this but it’s true. How can we really know whether the guy for us unless we’re really there?

Regardless, I can’t really complain about Trader too much. He’s very sweet and understanding. In a way, given how difficult and opinionated I can be, you may most likely know that he’s the One by his ability to tolerate my idiosyncrisies.

The past 2.5 weeks has proved that it’s a delight to be with Trader. He really makes an effort to love and take good care of me. 🙂

Half a week more to go before I leave Singapore. I will definitely miss the freedom I’ve had here after I leave. And of course, I will miss Trader.

3 more sleeps to go then back home!

Anyway, I hope you can tolerate my many doubts. You know how bad I can be especially when I’m thinking.

Btw, I met a new friend yesterday. She’s really terrific.

She just arrived last Sunday and will be in Singapore indefinitely. She used to live in Canada for the last four years before moving back to Asia at her parents’ request given that Canada is just so far away.

Unfortunately, she’s losing her way in Asia. She used to enjoy a good job in marketing back in Canada and we know how long it takes for someone to acquaint themselves once again in the Asian market.

Nonetheless, that’s what happens when you burn your bridges. You just take whatever you can get!

Oooh am cooking meatballs later. Hope it turns out well.

Talk soon!

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2 thoughts on “Doubts – and hope

  1. 3-0- is still a tender age. As long as you enjoy life, you’re on the right track. Just dropping by. By coincidence, you’re in Singapore. And I’m traveling there first week of August. To do tourist-y things. 🙂

  2. That’s terrific. Personally, I love eating at hawker stands in Singapore. Cheap yet tasty food. Now an avid fan of nasi lemak (fried chicken with coconut flavored rice), mee siang (acquired taste with noodles in sweet and sour broth) and char kwai teo (super fried noodles).

    I’ve tried Universal Studios this time. Buy tickets ahead of time as they run out on weekends. You can also visit the newly opened Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Casinos. Personally prefer the more wholesome Singapore Zoo and Bird’s Park but that’s me. Don’t also miss their butter crabs and partying with live music at Clark Quay. Enjoy!!!

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