Almost Goodbye

I was sad today.

Today marked almost the end of an era of almost four years at the organization I currently work for.

My boss sent this late afternoon: “Bonita will leave the firm to take her MBA. She has done an outstanding job in her Asian (department name) role and we wish her well in her new endeavor. Her last day in the office is June 9th.”

The announcement sent a pouring of well-meaning well wishers. Some said that I was making the right decision with my MBA and kindly offered to keep in touch post my stint. Others asked why I was doing it full time if it was conveniently in Hong Kong.

Honestly, my doing an MBA does show some light to HKUST. Some may call me a fool but at least, the recognition which wasn’t here today will soon be there. At least, people know now what HKUST is.

Anyway, it’s sad – an end to an era.

Trader of course is more practical and less sympathetic. “Freedom, Bonita. After a few weeks and months, people will forget about you and move on.”

Thanks – but of course, we want to be sorely missed right? We all know that everyone is expendable, but we hate to be easily expendable.

My last day is on the 9th. After that, I fly to Singapore in the weekend to spend a whole week with Trader. It’s his birthday this weekend so it’ll be good to spend the time with him. Then, to Egypt, and Hong Kong, then back to Singapore, then to Australia, and to goodness knows where yet.

Going to be a complete hoot I tell you.

And yes, given that I am no longer on my blackberry, my plan is to bring my netbook with me.

Just a quick update. Sad, but must be done!

Love you guys. Thanks for sticking by me all these years. Have a great weekend!


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