A very busy weekend

Given that my last day will be on Wednesday, and I leave for Singapore then, I had to cram so many errands today because your blogger was so busy socializing with friends the whole day yesterday. Here’s the rundown of my day:

10:40 am – Trader calls me up and reminds me that yes, I have tons of stuff to do and get my lazy ass (my words inserted here) out of bed.

11:15 am – I am truly on the way. I get my laundry from the cleaners. Roll my luggage back because everything’s so darn heavy.

11:45 am – Already on the dingding (electric tram) to Causeway Bay where I…

12:15 pm – Buy Trader his birthday gift. Shhhhhh….

12:30 pm – Pay the rest of my Egypt tour fee. Whoa, so expensive le!!!! Totally unemployed and broke now. Will be going to Egypt for 10 days by the way on mid-June. Oooh, excited!

1:15 pm – Eat lunch. Terriyaki meat pepper steak. Yummy – plus I get a HKD5 off from lunch! I just heart lunch sets!

2:15 pm – Go to Marks and Spencer to buy some underwear. They have the best bras. Then walk walk walk to Lomography shop in Sheung Wan to buy Trader’s friend his birthday present. Gotta talk about Lomography on this blog soon. It’s soooo interesting.

3:45 pm – Go to office to clear out my stuff. Since I’m flying immediately after I resign, it’s good that I get everything out of the way so I don’t have to lug it behind anymore.

5:15 pm – All done and carrying my backpack home!

6:15 pm – Got home and blogging. Now off to dinner with another friend

Woot woot! So cannot believe just how productive today is. Hope yours is too. Have a great weekend!

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