Happy Anniversary to Us, Baby!

 As Trader and I remotely celebrate our one-year anniversary today (Yes, it’s been a whole year), we commemorate this special day about the 50 things about Trader and I that many probably don’t know. If you find it boring, no worries. Just skip this indulgent post.

However, this is for memories. Who knows if we’ll ever forget our first 365 days together. Here’s to more wonderful days:

1) I have bad looking feet. There, I admit it. Ironic because Trader is a feet man.

2) He compares he as an elephant with no knees. How the hell do you think that my upper body is supported by the lower part without knees?!

3) But Trader says all these shit all the time which pisses me off. He lovingly calls me Baba. That, by the way means fat in Tagalog. Argh.

4) He’s stopped with the Baba phase even when he thinks it’s a cute monicker. That took a couple of fights and one BIG fight. He still slips from time to time.

5) When I’m pissed off, he does everything I want him to do. He’s syrupy sweet to the point of being fake. Listens to me when I know he’s not that interested. But it’s really nice to be honest. Calms me down.

6) I like it when Trader text messages me in the morning before he gets to work. Recently I wake up around 8:30am. The text message usually arrives between 7:40 am to 8:05 am — the times he goes to work.

7) I’m a wordy person. I love to squeeze as many words in a text message. As for Trader, he’s usually like, “Sigh, don’t want to go to work. Love u.” Then again, I appreciate the thought and it’s a terrific start to my day.

8) He is not a talkative person. Which btw was surprising to me because back in college when we first met, he was SO talkative.

9) He said that a first love breakup was the culprit. “It was a life changing experience for me,” he said. He broke her heart and she retailiated by breaking his when he wanted her back. Is it just me but did those who broke it off want their partners back after the evil deed. What’s up with that?

10) He was an ass back in university. When my best friend knew I was dating him, given his reputation (she knew his ex), she was like, “Are you really really happy with him?” I think she didn’t have the heart to ask me directly if he was really an ass.

11) To be honest, I do not disagree. But he is so sweet and kind and loving and patient to me. People do change. Though he has to stop calling me Baba! It’s irritating.

12) I think I’m the boy in the relationship — I’m the commitment phobe who don’t care too much at the urgency of getting married at 30. I don’t want kids and I like going out.

13) Trader is more of a homebody. On weekends, he does chores, the laundry, reads a book and goes to sleep.

14) Our friends think it’s a weird pairing as Trader and I are complete opposites!

15) I was pissed when Trader asked me to tell him all the relevant things only. If I thought they were irrelevant, why would I talk about it anyway?! His point is that, if it involves other people and not really the two of us, he doesn’t want to know. I think I love gossip more than he does!

16) They say that Librans and Geminis are great parings. I’m the Libran, and he’s the Gemini. However, he doesn’t really act too much like a Gemini. Weird.

17) I’ve always wanted to date a Gemini though. Before, it used to be Sagittarius, Cancer, Aries… and then Gemini. Whooo, 4 out of 12. I feel like a slut?

18) No lah. I’m always serious in a relationship. Interestingly, all the guys I’ve ever kissed in my life have their names start with an M. Only Trader is a non-M amongst them.

19) What frustrates me the most? That I don’t get to go to live shows or clubbing anymore. Not that I would if Trader is around, but he hates them. There’s no dream better worth living than grinding with your boyfriend in a club and pretend not to know each other.

20) What frustrates him the most? That I spend a lot more than he does. Not that I’m spending money but water, but Trader is a practical man and he likes to save and invest instead of spending.

21) He’s always like, “I’m saving up for the future. Our future.” And I’m like, “Why not spend it on me now?”

22) My parents really like him. My mom said, “Bonita, stop bullying my future son-in-law too much.” This was when we first dated. I told Trader about that story and he was annoyed that my mom thought of me as bullying him as if he was a wuss.

23) I first told my dad that Trader was a fishball vendor in jest. Throughout the weeks before I introduced them, my father kept on worrying about supporting a third child. That was a BAD joke.

24) When he met Trader, my dad finally understood that Trader was not a fishball vendor. He found him to be slightly stingy though. Not that he is my dad adds, but he’s not the type who loosely spends money. Which btw is not a deal breaker.

25) My mom totally wants me to settle down and start a family. She is against the idea of me taking an MBA because she feels I need to settle down. “Career or family?” she said. “You choose.”

26) I think my dad secretly wishes I settle down with a nice gentleman. I don’t know if he’s comfortable with Trader being that gentleman.

27) Trader was always a serious dater. On our first week together, he told me that he could see us having a life together. I think I freaked out because it was too early in the relationship to think about marriage.

28) His parents dislike me. Sigh. They think I’m too liberated, shows off too much boobs, and is a spender. That is debateable but hey, you can’t win them all. Besides, they only met me once which makes that appraisal unfair.

29) Trader is sticking by me though. He jokes that his family calls me “THAT woman.”

30) That makes me feel like a mistress. But Trader is cool about it. He says that we can work this out and  in time and with some cooking, I can persuade his parents to love me.

31) That concept is totally weird for me, which shows how much I love Trader. If people don’t like me, I just totally ignore them from my life.

32) I can’t do that as they’re Trader’s parents. Regardless, I respect them fiercely. I think they did a pretty great job raising a son like Trader, and if they were not really saying silly things about me, they are truly loveable and loyal to their son.

33) Trader thinks that the reason why they’re particularly against me is because we’re in a serious relationship. Este, we can actually get married. Hahaha, so what other reason do people date except to get married?

34) I once kidded that being married was a sacrifice. You could no longer date other men! Trader was like, “Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

35) I never really understood why Trader is with me. He calls himself crazy but it’s touch move. Meaning after you make the decision you stick with it. Which is btw a weird yet wonderful reason on why you’re with someone. I think the commitment phobic needs someone more like Trader.

36) Trader is the only guy I’ve seriously dated who’s younger than me. The last two were around 12 and 18 years older! Gosh, those were the days.

37) Almost all but one of my relationships had been Long Distance Relationships. Boy, LDR sucks. All you have are frequent trips to see each other, phone/Skype every night.

38) I prefer talking to Trader on the phone than Skype. He easily gets distracted.

39) We talk every night.

40) We see each other on average every 2-3 weeks. We fly in turns and Jetstar has made quite a bit of money from us!

41) When I visit him in Singapore, we usually go for a movie, check out the bookshop and eat!

42) Nothing makes Trader happier than eating. His favorites are anything related to buffets — he believes they’re great deal for what you’re getting. He doesn’t like bringing me along with him though as I’m a terrible backup.

43) His parents think I eat like a mouse. From my end, I’m surrpised how his family can still maintain their nice figures relatively given the amount of food they devour.

44) Trader isn’t immune to getting fat though. He somehow grew a belly after we got together. What gives?!

45) He usually goes and work out. He is more of a runner while I’m a climber. My knees just can’t the impact of running. He sometimes fall off the wagon though and succumbs to buffet invites which makes all the exercise worthwhile.

46) How else can we be more different? I love Western food while he prefers Chinese and Japanese fare. Especially the buffet kinds.

47) Before we go to sleep, I usually surf the Net but he destresses while watching repeats of Chuck, Friends and Big Bang Theory. He introduced me to How I Met Your Mother and I’m now a big fan.

48) He’s such a sucker though for the underdogs. He stopped watching The Big Bang Theory after Penny broke up with Leonard, and loves Chuck because of the Chuck-Sarah love story.

49) He doesn’t care too much about Horror movies though. I think I’ll drag him kicking and screaming to a theatre if I wanted to watch Nightmare on Elm Street.

50) Ironically, though I love traveling, he has been to more countries than I have thanks to a 3-week European trip he’s been with his mom and sister during his teens. Argh, cheater!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend peeps!

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  1. Well, men and women are all different and I doubt you can find anyone as special as you are? 🙂 Since you have a boyfriend, would be terrific if you can come up with a list too!

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