Sinful Purchases

I admit it!

Am not as much of a spendthrift as Trader, but seriously, I couldn’t really help myself.

After many many hours in the store, I finally made up my mind and indulged myself with these:

It wasn’t an impulse decision.

I’ve spied on these red babies from the Prada Hong Kong store a few weeks before and fell immediately in love with it. However, because it was too self-indulgent, I ran away from the temptation.

However, I was in Prague and I couldn’t help myself. I even returned to the store not once but twice to make that leap! Heck, even if Prada isn’t really loved by most Cantonese, I really like their genuine leather material, their sleek lines and bold classic colors. These I believe are something you can hopefully use for years and years.

Hopefully, the frequency of use makes the depreciation all the more worthwhile. 🙂

The black wallet was bought at the French airport. Prices there were so much cheaper (maybe 20% less than Hong Kong) that I felt the wallet was still a steal. Besides, I really needed to replace my old one.

So there — more photos to come, but gotta eat first! 🙂

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