Surprise, surprise…

Just got back from a week-long business trip.

Life is funny — at first, you have it all figured out then BAM! Someone pulls the rug underneath your feet and you lose your balance a bit.

This week has caught me off-guard.

Do you think that there are patterns in your life?

I’ve noticed patterns once again.

Why do I always attract the same types of men who share similar issues, and they disclose these to you so you’re forced to go in with your eyes wide open? I’ve learned early on never to say no in the beginning and to save their egos when you’re telling them to slow down and wait a bit.

Thank god we only had three days. šŸ™

Hmmm… will he call?

He said he would.

Time will tell.

For now, status: still single.

For how long?

Who knows? Que sera sera…

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3 thoughts on “Surprise, surprise…

  1. been about a week i’ve subscribed to your blog. found you by searching ‘taiwan’, ‘taipei’. first thing i noticed was that i work in the same industry but in toronto, canada. been considering from time to time to go back to tw and explore opportunities. any insight helps, so if you don’t mind, consider yourself to have won one more pair of eyes to your readership. :]

  2. The ‘why’ would depend on what those disclosed issues are… insecurity? Overconfidence? Lack of empathy? A killing mix of all three, perhaps?

    Personally I think it’s quite natural that most people don’t suit us (“us” = any individual person). After all, one can have only so many friends or people he can relate to; and in love and dating, I imagine that the number shrinks even faster.

    – concerned Dr. Freud šŸ˜€

  3. Alatus, welcome to nameless and glad to see you leave a comment. Hope there’s more to come! Regarding come to TW to work, wouldn’t really encourage that unless you want a major paycut. However, if you wish to experience the culture and wanting to come to Asia, then all the more, it’s a lot easy to come to TW than for example China IMHO.

    DS, Why is because everyone has issues. Some more than others. So what do you do when you meet someone with issues? You either take it or leave it. And it’s hard to meet someone that seems okay but has his own fair share of issues. šŸ™

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