My Period is Late!

Heart-stopping uh-oh.


I’ve been nervously waiting and waiting…

…but my period hasn’t arrived yet.







It’s been late several days already.

I know that my period has often been irregular, but how can I explain this debacle to my parents? I’m too young and worked too hard just to screw things up!

But I’m an optimist.

I look at the bright side.

It’s in times like these that you thank God for strong values.

And for your ability to be picky with your Toms, Dicks and Harrys.

Unless of course, the Virgin Mary phenomenon bears repeating… then again, how can you procreate, without… you-know.

Jeez, that’s what you get for being all stressed out.

In hindsight, just thanking my mighty good luck that I haven’t been sexually active and just went with the flow with M, despite the temptation to do so.

Otherwise, imagine the REAL heart attack am going to experience when my period is indeed late.

Not too late to be Virgin Mary Part II though.

Nah. Don’t think it’ll happen.

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2 thoughts on “My Period is Late!

  1. Wow i thought it was real
    it scared me reading it

    that happens to me sometimes when im stressed out too

    nice one

  2. Hope your parents don’t read your blog then! D’oh! Good luck with that…

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