Guy 1 / Girl 0

Raven: “Thank you for taking care of me last week. In return, please allow me the pleasure to take you out to dinner.”

Guy: “No need to thank me. Dinner would be nice, but not this week. Full schedule. :)”

Raven: “You’re lucky am polite and would like to thank you properly. How about next week? You choose the day.”

Guy: “Next week not good too. Will be traveling.”

Raven: “No worries, just let me know when you’ll be back then.”

Now I know how a guy feels when he asks a woman out. 🙁

I think I’ve been politely blown off. It’s common knowledge that when a person is interested in going out with you, they counter offer with another specific day.

Say for example, you ask me out for Thursday. If I am not free then, I would suggest another day. Otherwise, am hoping that you’ll forget and not followup, saving me the embarrassment of putting you down lightly.

Friend: “Don’t think too much la. People travel all the time. If he’s really interested, he will followup. Otherwise, you can send him a reminder mail in a week or two, and if he still isn’t free, then just forget him.”

So why do I feel so… empty?

It sure feels so anticlimactic that after agonizing about whether to ask him out or not (mind you, something I’ve NEVER done), you get a “sure, dinner would be nice… BUT…” answer.

Friend: “Relationships are like playing tennis. He showed his interest, and now, it’s your turn to show yours. Otherwise, how can you ever get to know each other? Remind him again in a few weeks and see how it goes. You have nothing to lose…”

Raven: “Sure, just my pride.”

Friend: “What is pride anyway? If he doesn’t reciprocate, then you’ll more or less find another guy you’ll fancy in a few weeks… no big deal. But at least, you’ve already shown him your interest and get the motion going. If he wants you, he’ll reciprocate.”

My girl friend knows me really well. It’s true… if this doesn’t work out, there are other fishes in the sea. Guys seem to be popping out more or less this Spring season.

Friend: “At least you didn’t sound stalker-ish asking him when he’ll be back. Now, that’s a bit cuckoo….”

Raven: “What for la… Hahahaha, thank you for encouraging me though. Now, I feel a bit at peace, and owe you dinner.”

Friend: “That’s what friends are for.” (claps) “Hope it works out and he does call you back. He sounds like a pretty gentleman, decent guy.”

So what will happen?

We’ll see if we mention M again… regardless, it sure does feel a bit liberating to ask a guy out. Scary, but freeing too because after you send the message, you get rid of the “What ifs” and face reality. You get rid of the wondering and you can already be busy with other things!

Not that I’m not busy, I’ve been crazy busy! Won’t even tell you the debacle of today… anyway, let’s see what happens shall we!

Do you think M will call back? We shall see, though really hope so!

Otherwise, as usual, next! 🙂

Happy week everyone!

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