Madea’s Pearls of Wisdom

Sorry if I was down in the dumps today in my blog post.

Just to clear things up, things are so far bright and cheery with SimpleGuy. We’re both taking our sweet time in getting to know each other, and I think this is great especially since history has shown me just how dangerous it is to jump fast into a relationship when I’m interested.

And yes, he does make me smile.

I appreciate these moments especially after hearing my friend complain about escaping a guy who wanted to date her because she’s disinterested. “I tell him I’m busy and just stay at home and watch Grey’s Anatomy,” she shares. At the very least, though I’m equally busy, I do look forward to those moments we get to hang around again.

My problems lie elsewhere, but nothing that a lot of hard work and committed time can’t solve. Sigh, going to refocus my priorities again! No more partyin’ yo!

However, would like to thank J for sharing with me this lovely YouTube post on Madea’s concept of relationships. Thank you, it’s really true! Check it out for yourselves:

Especially love what she said about categorizing people as part of a tree.

Paraphrasing here, but Madea in the clip, tells her heartbroken nephew (?) that people are like various parts of the tree.

Most of the people like leaves on a tree. The wind blows and they’re over here, they’re unstable. Wind blows again, they’re on the other side. Season change, they wither and die and are gone. They take from the tree and do nothing but give shade from the tree. Don’t get mad at these people. Know that they are mere leaves and treat them as such.

Meanwhile, some are branches of a tree. Be careful because they fool you. You think you’re good friends but the minute you walk away, they break into pieces and leave you high and dry.

But if you find two or three who are like roots in the bottom of the tree, you are blessed because they’re the type of people who ain’t going nowhere. Without the roots, the tree can’t live. You may have a million of leaves in the tree, but only a few roots in the bottom, sustaining you.

When you get roots, you hold onto them. But with everybody else, let them go. LET FOLKS GO.

In addition, she also shares her pearls of wisdom telling us not to take crap from people. If they can’t respect you and value you, well, they don’t really deserve to be with you.

The nephew then tells her that it’s hard to let someone you love so much go… and she agrees. But then she says:

It gets easier once you learn how to love yourself…

Well said, Madea! You rock girl!

It’s so true — sure, you may not be able to control how people treat you. However, you can choose whether or not you’d like to keep them in your circle of friends. If they’re not making an effort to change or make you happy, well you have an issue and it may be better to just let them go.

A lot of people can definitely benefit from Madea’s wisdom so spread the word. Thanks J for sharing!


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