Guess what?

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Ex #2 is getting married this weekend!

Wow, just can’t believe it… he’s the first guy I dated who got married (or shall we say remarried?) before moi. What’s even more unbelievable is he’s getting married after dating his fiancee for around 3 months or so.

And no, she’s not preggers.

He says that she’s the most laid-back woman he’s ever met, given her higher status in life. I just think, “What’s the rush?” I mean, there’s nothing that would prove your love to another by marrying her till death do you part, but three months?

What happened to the saying, “Once bitten, twice shy?”

Nonetheless, I wish them all the best.

It’s not my life anyway, and goodness knows if I can meet anyone that wonderful who I’ll be comfortable in taking the leap with after a quarter of the year. Who am I to judge anyway, so I just hope he’s making the right decision. I mean, anybody can be wonderful and perfect after three months, but since he claims he’s known her for almost a decade, well, then go ahead…

How do I feel?

Well, I don’t really much — maybe surprised given the speed, but there’s no hurt or pain or bitterness in my heart. At this point, our relationship has been cleanly chopped years ago and I’ve already moved on.

I feel bad though for his ex-girlfriend (the girl he dated after me, and before his fiancee) whom he went out with for a year.

Six months ago, they broke up, with him citing the huge age difference, which was the exact same reason he gave when we broke up two years ago.

I shook my head in disbelief.

When you date someone who’s 24, they don’t get older just because you date them. They stay 24 regardless.

It’s like breaking up with someone because he’s not Chinese… if race was such an issue with you, then don’t date him in the first place!

It just shows how irresponsible you are for toying with someone’s feelings and making them think you’re in for something serious, even if you know it won’t last anyway.

Sorry but that makes you a complete jerk.

Anyway, it should suck being her — imagine, you break up with a guy you really cared for and three months later, he’s dating someone else, and three months later, he’s married.


Talk about ripping that band-aid out as fiercely as you can even when the open wound’s still festering!

But then again, why should he care too much for how she feels anyway? At present, I’d imagine that he feels sorry for his previous ex-girlfriend and wish she just grow up and move on. But then again, he is getting married, so this should be one of the happiest days of his life.

And I don’t blame him. Wouldn’t you also be the same?

In any case, I feel very fortunate.

My heart has already healed a long time ago and I’ve been so busy living my own life. News of his upcoming wedding is only met with a nonchalant, “Oh really?” wherein which I quickly resume my work. There are no negative feelings towards these news… only a sense of relief, in addition to the sadness for a woman I used to look at with some disdain and bitterness, and now, could only look at with a sense of pity and concern.

She’s a great girl. Too bad that sometimes, life just doesn’t turn out the way we want them to.

Regardless, I offer her some encouragement — life’s unfair and it can sometimes suck so bad. But there’s light at the end of the darkness, things always turn out for the best.

And one day, you’ll meet that other special someone, and you wonder what you saw in Ex #2 in the first place. And you’re happy these tough days happened the way they did.

Be strong. Move on. I know you can do it.

Happy weekend everyone!

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