I don’t get it…

After an “okay” performance review, I ended up working over 25 hours this weekend — 9 hours on Saturday and geez, 17 hours on Sunday!

I got home 6:30 am just this morning and dropped off to bed…!

Aren’t you supposed to be less motivated after getting a sad performance review? If so, why am I working my butt off? Am I trying to make a point?

My boss asked me to consolidate some important information for him and distribute it to everybody involved. As a result? A workbook with around 44 worksheets — that’s the final product of hours of overtime.

I really don’t get it — he has his assistant. He probably could’ve assigned her the work and have her get it done.

Is he throwing me this busy job because he knows I’ll do it despite the crazy overtime hours, or should I be relieved knowing that he trusts me enough for a job he thinks is top priority?

These are questions employees ask when you give them crappy, yet important work. Sigh.

I don’t know… am going back to work this afternoon after sleeping the morning off. All I can say is, I sacrificed my fun violent weekend of paintballing to sequester myself alone in the office working. I am both relieved and disappointed — relieved because if I didn’t sacrifice, I wouldn’t have gotten the job done on time, and disappointed because it could’ve been fun.

Maybe that’s what life is though — there are fun things and there are things that aren’t that much fun. Sometimes, you’d have to wallow through the un-fun stuff just to do the things you like.

Just hope that he appreciates it, and won’t tear my final product down to pieces. That would again, really suck. And as a Libran, I can’t take ingratitude for so long… I really need a lot of compliments to get the job done.

Off to shower. Have a great week everyone!

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4 thoughts on “I don’t get it…

  1. watching the clock is just an excuse to try and boost the value of what you’re doing.

    you state over and over how much overtime you do – maybe your performance “problem” has to do with how long tasks take you.

    from a manager’s perspective (mine), high-quality work is not just content, but efficiency, perspective, organization, execution.

    have some pride in your work. if you keep acting like a slave, you will always be one.

  2. Thanks anonymous for leaving a comment. I agree, I should stop b*tching and appreciate the positives of doing the work that I love. I do like my job, it can be tiring sometimes though. Our company maximizes its people to the full and everybody does extra work. Not just me.

    Just to clarify however, I don’t watch the clock. The range of work being requested was overwhelming and I was working nonstop save to get something to eat. But that’s the nature of the job, and why I am still here. I love to work don’t get me wrong. I am just a bit bummed I sacrificed a fun weekend. But some work just had to be done. T’is the nature of the job. 🙂

    Maybe you can give us more concrete advice on what you value from your staff… that would be helpful.

  3. Heya! Hope you get more time for yourself soon. Anyways,

    If he does have an assistant and is asking you, either he:
    a) has a crush on you that manifests itself in strange ways, or
    b) perhaps you’re being tested for promotion!

    Yeah, okay, that was not terribly insightful. But one question does have to be asked; are you expected to work overtime on (any) project? Will you be officially reprimanded if you deliver it by Tuesday instead or something like that?

    I have to admit that I haven’t really started working yet, am no manager and am still in university (business economy), so your description of so many working hours sounds both inspiring and dreadful! Remember, my view is strongly biased…


  4. Hi Goran,

    It’s not that we’re required to do overtime. However, we are regularly given jobs that need to be finished on schedule. How much time you need to do it is up to you. Some work need you to put in a few hours. For example, for this project, it took me over 25 hours of nonstop work. Since the assignment was given late last week, I had to put in the hours to finish it.

    And no, the deadline couldn’t be extended. If I didn’t make it on time, I’ll be seriously reprimanded. He would understand given the limited time provided, but sometimes, you’re expected to deliver despite the odds and limitation.

    It’s not that dreadful — you just have to put in the hours. At work, you get the good and bad. I have to do this, in order to continue doing what I love. Hence, it’s important you’re really interested in your work, cause you’re spending tons of time with it!

    Hope this helps!


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