They say persistence is the key to success.

I think Taiwanese boys believe this best.

Who hasn’t heard of that Taiwanese guy who just never gives up despite several rebuffs from the woman? She stomps on his ego, doesn’t treat him well and in the end, ends up with him because there’s no one but him who’s always there for her.

As my friend Chris said this morning, “Persistence works well in Taiwan because once you catch her in her weak moment, when she’s so lonely or hurt from some asshole, you’re there for her and BAM. She falls in love with you.”

Ahem, but I’d rather be alone than to be with someone I don’t really care for. And no amount of desperation would convince me to spend time with a guy that bores me to tears.

Which is exactly what I did today — I enjoyed a cup of joe at the nearby Starbucks, then followed by a nice cold dinner at Dean and Deluca, and then a nice 60-minute massage.



The alternate ending which I obviously didn’t take?

The text message (in Chinese) I received yesterday gives a clue: “Hello Raven, I’m Vietnamese guy. Long time no see. Everything good? Do you have time to share a meal tomorrow?”

No freaking way.

First, I still have no clue how he managed to get my cellphone number. Can’t he just take the hint?

I’ve already told him that I’m too busy and no, I’m not that interested in getting to know him better.

Call me cold but I have ignored his emails, his invites and was curt when he called me in the office. It’s been over a month — can’t he just stop?

It reminds me of the time when we were in Vietnam.

Are you thirsty?” he asked.

No, I’m not. Thank you very much,” I politely replied.

Oh you’re thirsty,” he said. “Let me buy you a drink.”


No really, I’m not,” I insisted. “If you buy a drink, I won’t drink it.”

He then buys two drinks and opens both. “Here you go…,” he said as he handed the drink to me.

Ummm… I’m not thirsty,” I said while trying to control my temper. Was I not clear? Didn’t I say I was not thirsty? Why insist?

Well, I already opened it,” he sweetly answered. “So why not drink it?”

“Aaaaaargh, because I’m not thirsty that’s why!!!”

This is frustrating — a guy who cannot get the hint. Heck, I can bump his head with it and he doesn’t really get it.

Some Taiwanese girlfriends of mine are jealous. “Finally, ” they said. “A guy who’s really sweet and considerate?”

Quite the contrary ladies, his action shows inconsideration. Why? Because he lives in his own world and disregards how you feel or think.

For example, him pursuing me — he doesn’t care whether his feelings are reciprocated or not. In his mind, he just wants me and to heck on how much I don’t care for him.

That’s now sweetness — that’s defiance.

It’s when I say no, and you still insist that it’s a yes.

And then gently push it to me as if I don’t know any better.

Aaaargh, is he intentionally insulting my intelligence? Because he’s seriously pissing me off.

Let’s see if he lets up — but if he doesn’t stop, aaargh. I’ll call upon my friends from higher up of his company to ask him to stop.

Sheessh. So no, persistence is not really the key to success.

Getting the hint is.

Be good.

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  1. It seems folks who are influenced by Chinese or Confucian (?) culture — both male and female — have that take no prisoners mentality when it comes to love…

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