Lazy weekend

Talk about one of the best movies this year. Just this evening, watched the heart-stopping, adrenalin-pumping and testosterone-filled Frank Miller movie, “300,” which relates the based-on-the-real-story of 300 Spartans trying in vain to march against around a million Persians.

Based from the comic book of Frank Miller, the famed comic creator of “Sin City,300 was a thrilling roller coaster ride from start to finish, full of blood, gore and drama and so intricately filmed that you can see every flicker of emotion, every suave movement of war, and every breathtaking act.

My friend and I were breathed “Wow” in unison. “I want one of those Spartans,” I whispered while my friend chuckled. “They make these Taiwanese look so puny!” I added as I drolled while staring at their washboard ads. Seriously, these guys looked like gods.

*slobber, slobber*

This is the best fighting sequence I’ve seen in a very long time,” my friend commented after the movie. “All that slow-motion movements, perfect!”

But just to warn you 300 is not for the weak-hearted. Guys would totally love it, but women can’t help but wince as arms, heads, feet get cut off and blood splattered everywhere. Before you watch this movie, ask yourself, “Did I love ‘Sin City?'”

If the answer was a negative, then this movie’s ain’t for you. But if you’re like me who counted that movie as a spectacular visual wonder, then don’t miss this movie at all. It’s very much worth your NT$290 bucks. 🙂


Apart from that, this weekend’s been very laid-back though quite expensive.

At first, it started out fine last Friday when some colleagues treated us out to a nice dinner at Chili’s in celebration of their passing of their brokerage exam. That was pretty nice and afterwards, relaxed and somehow slept late again at 3:00 am.


Saturday was pretty good too, with me participating in a Brazilian Jiujitsu class just right near Jeelung Road Sec. 1. The instructor, Warren, was pretty cool as he spent around 3 hours explaining and providing some hands-on training on what Brazilian Jiujitsu was, and how the weaker man can depend themselves from the baddies.

From there, met up with some old friends and had an expensive NT$800 + 10% tax dinner from Taipei 101’s Japanese buffet, Wasabi, which was so not worth it.

You guys know how much I love food, yeah? Well, inasmuch that I heart food, I couldn’t care much for buffets, even if it’s Japanese.

First, the quality shouldn’t be that great considering that you’re eating stuff en masse and goodness if we knew how long it’s been standing on the table before you pick it up on your tray. And secondly, buffet service sucks because it’s always serve yourself.

Wasabi was no exception. The waiters were always running around trying their best to ignore you, and the food was just so-so. The small trays were a bummer as my friend and I kept on excusing ourselves just to get food, juice and so forth — an inconvenience if only they provided us with bigger plates! To make matters worse, some of their plates were broken and the sauce dripped to my shoes!

So though the food is passable, the exorbitant NT$800 price tag was a bit too much as well. Still, you’re not really there for the food but rather the company, but heck, if I wanted to spend that much money, I would rather go to Herbs instead or spend a bit more for a more upper class restaurant.

Hence, though it’s good to always try new restaurants, save yourself the cash and try other restaurants at the 101 instead. I’ve always liked the Red House Teppanyaki (if you don’t mind the steep prices) and IR China in the 4th floor, so these are great substitutes to the sub-par Wasabi. 🙁

After dinner, I was so tired I was ready to go home and catch some ZZzzzzz….

But fate wasn’t in my cards and instead on the urging of my friend, we headed out to the Bed II to smoke some sishas:

Not bad la. We stayed out till freaking 3am in the morning and I was poor another NT$800, but heck, it was tons of fun. Besides, I managed to get some interviewing tips from my friend who is the managing director of a known firm in Taipei.



As for today, my bank account suffered a huge loss. 🙁

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you an essential part of my bedroom:

Yes sirree, that is my closet. Or to be more accurate, that’s only the shirs/jackets/pants part of my closet. The other half of my closet is the dresses/skirts department.

If you’d look at my closet, you see clothes — tons and tons of clothes. Actually, I’ve counted it. I can not repeat my clothing for over 3 months, and I don’t even need to wash ’em. That’s how much clothes I have on my closet.

So what does Raven do when she was waiting for her friend to come after his football game?

Yes, good ol’ Raven did her duties and studied for her exams, but what else did she do to pass the time?

Check this out:

Oh my golly gosh, because I took the wrong turn and entered one specific store which happened to have a 90% discount, your Raven unfortunately was a few thousand NT$ poorer, and the proud owner of these babies, which took a HUGE bag that you saw above to hold:

That’s 9 articles of clothing. 🙁

*hangs head in shame*

4 shirts and 5 pairs of pants all in all.

Aiyo, I need to curb my shopping expenses now otherwise people would start looking at me as a shopaholic. So yes, let me repeat myself again, from then on, I will not buy clothes anymore.

Sheesh, I already have too many clothes for any occasion possible — the beach, weddings, picnics, homeparties, whatever. I don’t need anymore!

The only consolation was that they were bargains, and if I paid for the entire cost, sheesh, that’s already one month’s worth of salary down the drain.

So girls, be careful of these words called, SALES.

And if you guys ever accompany your women shopping, run away… run away FAST!

LIfe’s already too hard spending on clothing you don’t really need — even if they do look darn nice!

Hope you have a great week everyone!

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  1. i went to Bed once. i know that there are two Beds… i went to the one behind Luxy… in the Zhongxiao strip. it’s okay…not bad, altho i suck at smoking shisha. what can i say, i’m not a smoker!

    yea, 300 rocks! but didnt you notice that those guys have homosexual tendencies? hahaha

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