Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy New 2007!

Bravely faced the crazy Taiwanese crowd milling and sitting around the 101 area and trudged to the Tavern to spend New Year’s Eve with Top-Climber and friends!

Crazy fun! 😀

Had a few Smirnoff Ice Reds and a delish B-52 which got me real tipsy, then watched the fireworks come midnight over the bridge at the Jeelung-Hsinyi intersection. Top-Climber took some cool videos including our new year’s resolutions!

My new year’s resolutions?

1) Study and pass for my level 1 exams.

2) Work out and wallclimb more.

3) Get a boyfriend (half-jokingly)!!!

In that order. But seriously, be more focused on my career and health.

Aftewards, danced till the wee hours of the morning!

Wohoo — crazy, danced with a handful of men including blog reader Lance who’s in Taipei now. Some were attached, but heck, who cares? Quite interesting to see which couple will last, and which couple won’t. My best guess, those whose girlfriends were quite game and let their guys loose and have fun WILL last.

So girlies, don’t be too possessive and jelly with your boyfriends!

Anyway, slept till 3:00 pm!

Damn, that was late!

But saved the day by productively studying a bit then going wallclimbing. Darnit, DCFs and IRRs ain’t that easy after all, but am happy with what I’ve accomplished!

Pictures and more reports to come up very soon! It’s been a crazy week so far, and though don’t have a lotta time, will try to keep you guys updated on what’s been happening so far.

So again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2007, here we come!!!

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