Raven’s mad

I abhor conflict.

I avoid it like a plague and I don’t deal with it unless necessary.

I know it’s not the way you deal with things, but it’s my life, and I deal with issues MY way.

So who are you to tell me how to live MY life?

Honestly, conflicts don’t bother me as much as it bothers you. My getting irritated is usually a short-term event. Half-an-hour after I’m mad, I forget about it. God blessed me with the memory of an elephant and it has kept me sane when my father’s driving me absolutely cuckoo.

So it doesn’t bother me, then why should it bother you and why should you even care?

So you don’t agree with how I deal with things… but that’s not my problem, isn’t it?

I know I may sound like a b*tch right now, but trust me, I’m pissed.

I don’t like people who meddle in my affairs.

What’s more, I don’t like people to meddle in my affairs especially after I’ve explicitly told you to butt out of it.

But you can’t keep your mouth shut, can’t you?

Did you think you can help by saying something about it?

I said, I didn’t want to talk about it.

So why push me?

I get irritated when I’m pressured to talk about it. If I wanted to talk about it, I’ll do it in my own sweet time.

But of course, it’s too late now.
You already said it, and she’s already calling.

If I say something I regret because I’m being forced to say it, it’s not my fault. Now that you’ve created this extremely uncomfortable situation, I’d have to face the music, and I DON’T LIKE IT.

And if you really cared, you won’t push me into situations I’m uncomfortable in.

So what if you think if it’s for my own good? Who are you to tell me that?

But of course, you asked yourself what YOU would do in my situation and made the decision for me.

But I am mad.

And the funny thing is, you can’t really understand why.

Nor will I waste my time explaining it to you.

Am sure you’re pissed, but look deep — who started it?

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