Restless weekend — Literally!

The weekend was a marathon of fun and sleeplessness. On Saturday, I was representative for my Toastmaster Club for the District A Humorous Speech Contest and won second place.

Didn’t really think I was particularly funny — my speech was entitled, “Dating: The Taiwanese Way,” and people may have found it hilarious as I shared with them my woes on not being able to find a boyfriend here, and finally resorting to asking advice from my Taiwanese girlfriends on how to be successful in love — with funny results.

First lesson: Wear pink… wear lots and LOTS of pink,” was just one of the advice they gave. This just shows how a lot of people here aspire to be as cute and childish as they possibly can. It’s obvious especially when they take pictures — V- and Just-Shoot-Me-signs galore!

Yes, yes, yes… I stand corrected, the just-shoot-me-sign is actually one’s attempt to have a temporary dimple.

Ironically, it works.

When I wear pink, I get a lot more attention in comparison to wearing blah colors like blue and black.


After the meeting, dropped by a friend’s house to watch a Spanish movie and then hurried towards the Gungguan area to meet with CW and his Shida classmates for some eat-all-you-can Korean fare. NT$269 for as much Korean BBQ as you want! Oooo-la-lah!

Next stop after eating: The Shannon for TaiwanHo’s social night. Wow, I’ve never seen so many foreigners in one setting in my life. They were so many that they scared all the Taiwanese people from my organization away.

Oh well, not my loss — and red wine was cheap at NT$100 a pop.

Afterwards, Mike picked me up at around midnight and I took a nap over his place before we drove his scooter to Yangming Mountain for a North Coast Roadtrip from 3:30 am! That’s 3:30 am you guys — just to see the sunrise. After the sunrise, we then drove to Yeliu (near Jeelung) and was there before they opened at 8:00 am, checked out the Paishawan Beach and headed over to Danshui for a mollusk lunch.

That was before I headed home to take a 30-minute nap, went for Chinese tutoring and then continued on to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall where I spearheaded a poi/fire dancing class till late at 9:00 pm in the evening.

But the day didn’t end there!

Now famished, we headed over to the all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut and stuffed ourselves silly joking around a little before the MRT closed.

*Lets out a breath*

So who said Taiwan was boring?

Aussie guy asked me on Monday if I missed him and I replied, “Of course, you did pop in mind now and then.”

He must think I’m missing him like mad.

But actually, he DID pop in mind now and then, but with a different context — I was thinking — Aussie guy, how can you be bored silly in Taiwan?! There’s just so much to do!

Still busy at work, am out.

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