Quick Rants

Is it just me, or is it suddenly raining men?

*scratches head*

Aussie guy just got back in touch… after a weeklong hiatus of texting and emailing. But heck, I’ll put him aside from now. Chances are, he just wants to be friends.

There’s a guy who’s named Paul from Tienmu who gave me a call and said that there’s hope for us, and kinda told me to stop rock-climbing because now, I shouldn’t just think of myself, but should think of him being concerned of me.

And just a handful of guys too early to mention, but seem to be interested. They’ve been trying to get me out with them, but couldn’t because I was just too busy with work.

Is it because my birthday’s getting nearer that my fortune is finally turning?

Ah, let’s not hope for too mcuh and just better be surprised. 🙂

At the moment, if the guy ain’t calling, he’s not interested.

Sheesh, but what if these guys ARE trying to get in touch, and hinting of getting me out?!

Aiyo, no hope thinking about it too much, but just go with the flow la. The last time I screamed, “It’s raining men!” none of the interested guys followed through and my love life crashed and burned.

So just enjoying being single… for now.

Hahaha, being single is great — you spend more on yourself. Bought believe-it-or-not, bought 6 pairs of shoes this weekend, including a lovely pair of boots for the winter!!!

Bet you can’t really do that if you have kids to feed. Wohoo!!!

Okay, back to my report. Cheerio my friends and have a good week ahead!

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