My first biz trip

A tad exhausted.

Just got back from a week-long business trip.

First to Hong Kong from September 24 (Sunday)…

To Singapore from September 28 (Thursday)…

And now, back to Taipei just this 10:30 pm.

My very first business trip. Wow.

Haha, it was pretty cool — business class and 5-star hotels ALL the way — all at company expense.

Now, this is what you can call life.

But life’s not all fun and games…

Oh no no no.

Actually, aside from a brief shopping spree last Sunday in Hong Kong (arrived at noon, so had some time to go around) and a shoe/bag shopping trip in Singapore, all I did the past 7 days was work, work and more work.

Imagine, Tuesday night in twinkling Hong Kong and am still slaving in the office till 11:00 pm.

Now I know why companies book you in nice hotels — they try to make up for all the long hours you’ll be putting in.

As I’ve said, “Great, I’m in this beautiful city with no time to go around and enjoy it.”

But that’s why they’re paying me to go, right?

Anyway, again, let me re-state it: I LOVE MY JOB!

Had a lot of fun this trip.

Of course, a nice home-cooked dinner at the Brit’s guy home in the mountains with wine and ice cream (dalloped in crushed maltesers + espresso) helped a lot.

My god, that was on Wednesday and it was completely relaxing.

Could’ve just died right then and there.

Anyway, it was a great way to spend a business trip.

TONS of work.

People to meet.

And some pleasure in between.

Gotta rest now, just letting you guys know am still alive!


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