Uncooperative weather :-(

I am sitting on the floor on my new apartment, empty because my roommate ain’t home yet. Outside, I hear the rain dripping, and cars zooming on wet cement.

A typhoon is coming.

And there goes my lovely well-planned trip to Alishan next week.

Due to the expected heavy rains, people have advised me to skip Alishan which I planned to visit this Monday. It would’ve been my first time there, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing the sunset.

I heard it is beautiful.
That’s the sunset I’m supposed to miss next week.


People would pay around NT$3,600 to almost NT$6,000 just to stay overnight and see the Alishan sunset.

And I may have to postpone mine because of a stupid typhoon that’s heading to Taiwan right this moment.

Big sigh.

Sometimes, it’s funny how weather can ruin one’s vacation. This isn’t the first time. The irony, it seems, is that God doesn’t really want me to travel.

When I planned a trip to Green Island, a huge typhoon broke out and we were forced to postpone it to the following weekend to our dismay and panic.

In Myanmar, it was raining lightly almost daily, putting a slight damper to an otherwise spectacular trip.

And most recently, our Kenting weekend fell on a rainy period, and it was more wet than dry, complete with slight thunderstorms.

Yes, the weather is laughing now.

To top it off, I may also not be able to go to South Korea as planned. We were supposed to leave this Saturday and get back next Wednesday, but I think the trip may be postponed because stupid me didn’t think of applying for a visa on time.

I’ve never felt more discriminated — requiring a visa to go to Seoul because I’m Filipino when my American and Taiwanese friends don’t need to, and they can stay for up to 30 days.


On the bright side though (we’ve gotta look at the bright side baby), I get to save at least NT$10,540 in terms of airline tickets, plus the hotel ticket we’d have to foot.

But boy oh boy… eating authentic Korean kimchi would’ve been GREAT. And so would visiting the infamous war museum and Korean palaces. 🙁

As Alex had said, “So long as it’s a trip, I’m in… going on a vacation’s well worth the money no matter how much money you spend.

I salute to that, Alex.

Oh well, there must be a reason for all of this… maybe I’m to meet my Prince Charming this weekend? Hahaha!

Regardless, I have more plans up my sleeve. If the typhoon gets out by Friday, it would be a lovely day to go kite-fishing, otherwise, go hiking with friends. It would also be nice to catch up with friends, and hopefully, Aussie guy and I can grab some bite to eat in celebration of his birthday this week.

So yeah, the weather may put a damper to my well thought out plans but hey, one has to be flexible right?

Oh, and sorry for this late entry… today has been extremely busy for me inquiring about the South Korean trip, working on some documents and transfering data from one PC to the other.

I’ll try to answer Jes’ question soon, and yeah, something else was bothering me today. I’m tired though so will just let you know tomorrow!

Take care and g’night!


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