House Hunting Galore!

Last weekend was sooooooo tiring.

It was so tiring that on two consecutive days, I collapsed in bed after arriving home and went straight to sleep (on Saturday, managed to stay awake to take off my makeup, wash my face and change into my pajamas so that didn’t count).

Nevertheless, it was fun, as always. And quite eventful.

On Friday, I checked out a place in Dunhua before going for my facial appointment. It wasn’t bad. NT$15,000 all in, and situated right near Dunhua and Ren-Ai. Very convenient.

However, the con is that I’d have to live with a family with kids. Hence, imagine the lack of privacy you have there, and given my going-home-late habits, I’m sure people will talk. So no way, that’s out.

It was the first time I had a facial in a long while, and it was so soothing and relaxing that I drifted off to sleep even when they were giving me a 10-minute facial massage!

Damnit, I missed the whole thing cause I was sleeping! 🙁

Afterwards, I rushed to Houshanpi where I met my friends, DS and MI to check out her apartment. Then, they were nice enough to accompany me to check out another apartment before dropping me at Fuxing.



On Saturday, I woke up pretty early and went to the WuXing Street area near SonRen (near Taipei City Hall MRT) to run about and check out 3 rooms there before rushing to Hsimen Ding area to see three more. This I was able to do between 11:30 till 4:30, so that’s 5 hours of running around, commuting and checking out rooms.

I saw some that I liked, but I’d like to think about it some more before making any rash decisions. Besides, I had to rush back home, shower my sweaty self and dress up on time to be my friend’s date to a wedding of his best friend at the Westin. He was to pick me up at 6:15PM.

The wedding was nice.

The bride was pure Taiwanese, while the groom was a handsome Brazilian/Korean. And they’ve been dating on and off, long distance for a couple of years, before finally tying the know.

It’s funny how accidents happen,” my date said. “They got married because they literally had a motorcycle accident during a vacation to Thailand. The bride’s stomach was heavily gashed and both almost died.”

“The groom felt guilty about the accident that he married her,” he continued. “I mean, you would feel responsible, right?

Hmmm… I doubt that that’s a good reason to get married, but to each their own. It was really nice though dressing up and going to see a wedding. The only damper to the festivities was the two drunk young Taiwanese men who were getting drunk at our table. So crude.

Anyway, after the festivities, we walked to the Taipei Sports Arena to take part of my friend, Ying and Sherry’s World Cup Party.

T’was a pretty good deal: NT$600 for eat-and-drink-all-you-can!

When we arrived, everyone was focusing at the TV. Portugal and Iran was playing and most people were concentrating on the show.

Of course, stupid yours truly asked Aussie guy, “Oh, why is the game going more and more longer? Instead of the time decreasing, the time’s increasing every minute!”

He looked at me as if I was the stupidest girl ever, ruffled my hair and said, “That’s because the game ends at 45 minutes, dear. That’s why the numbers are going up.”

I wanted to sink to the floor… 🙁

He also taught me to say, “goal,” instead of “point” to make myself sports savvier. And promised to teach me the rudiments of soccer and rugby when we both have the time.

It was boring at first since everybody was watching the game and nobody was dancing. However, after the game (with Iran losing by 2 points), the music started and we busied ourselves in getting people to dance, finally succeeding by starting with dancing atop of the bar.

So imagine this, over 6 women grooving our asses in the bar. 🙂

It was really hot up there, but nice, as the party started picking up.

We had to leave early though, as my date and I caught the 12:50PM “X-Men 3″ show at Warner. Though we were slightly tipsy, we manged to stay awake the whole movie and loved it.

This is the best of the X-Men series I’ve watched so far,” he said.

I agreed.

So if you guys haven’t watched it yet, you should! It’s really an enjoyable film to watch.

*thumbs up*

What time did I get home?


But it was really fun.



On Sunday, I woke up early AGAIN to check out 4 places before speeding to Shipai and go climbing.

We climbed for almost 5 hours before calling it a day, and I met up with another friend at Macaroni Grill for dinner.

A Chicken Florentine salad, Glazed Chicken and Pasta and a bottle of red wine later, I was totally buzzed and called it a night.

The best part of Sunday?

Well, not only the meal was good, but the company was decent too. Besides, I also enjoyed a slight flirty text exchange with French Guy #1 which totally made my day.


So that’s just about it. I’ll add some postcripts here a bit later. C’est La Vie!

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