Fun weekend ahead!

Just want to break my commentary on my Myanmar trip to just say that I’ve been very busy recently with work and am going to COMPUTEX late this afternoon, and so this will be one of my shortest posts ever!

Brought my camera, so prepare to salivate over pictures over hot Intel, ATI and NVIDIA women when I get back (yes, I’m one of the boys). As for me, I’m just content on checking out the newest technologies (What the heck is Intel V Pro?) and feeling the buzz on what’s the newest products coming out the market today.

As for my weekend?

We’re defying odds of rain and going to Kenting for some wild fun! There’ll be snorkeling, riding the banana boat, BBQ and dancing under the stars, go-karting, riding over sand dunes in jeep buggies and more!

God, my week’s been so busy… gotta slow down… gotta slow down…

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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