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I know this entry is long overdue, but it’s been such a busy week (having the long weekend doesn’t help as well) that I haven’t really had the time to give you last weekend’s lowdown, so here goes:

Last Friday, under the invitation of my good friend NF, Karen and I got exclusive invites to the LVMH party at the Chang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Only 29-years old, NF is one of the key designers of many Louis-Vitton stores around the world.

The newly-opened LV store near the Regent Hotel was her latest project.

Both of our fathers are old family friends so NF and I go a long way back. However, it’s only late last year that we’ve connected at a deeper level since she’s been visiting Taipei quite often after she’s been assigned to head the decorations of the newest Taipei store. I’ve managed to drag her around my organization’s activities, and she’s enjoyed meeting friends, having brunch and even going to Pingxi with us to check out the lantern festival. 😉

So it was a pretty busy Friday for me… After work, I still had to rush and do my hair and make-up, all in time for the 9:30PM party! Hence, you can imagine me running around the city…

But it was all worth it — CKS Hall was all-dolled up with the new LV colors! It’s amazing what you can do with a large projector and a dash of creativity:

The flower motif is actually inspired from the store’s original design, where the walls are painted floral murals. Very oriental with an LV twist 😉

As you can see, people were bringing their umbrellas. It was unfortunately raining that day, but LV provided a stream of golf carts to bring guests from the gate to the main entrance. Here’s what it looked like from the inside:

These are actually partitions and there’s around 5 partitions that night made up of lights and paper, housing the VIP section and some seats. During the show, these partitions rose up all at the same, and remained up the whole night. As you can see, the partitions have cut LV insignias that served as the entrances to these “rooms.

For the finale, Korean singer/actor Rain performed three songs and the crowd went absolutely wild! He’s pretty hawt, and a good dancer, even though in my ignorance of the entertainment industry, had no clue who he was. My French friend NF even said he was a total gentleman and we even sat super close to him after the show.

After that, the music was just pumping and everyone was constantly dancing like crazy. It was so cool to see how LV hotshots (people in our party included the LV President, the LV global head of marketing, head of design, etc.) have fun! They’re not aloof executives at all, and the LV president even had a stuffed boa constrictor as an accessory for dancing!

Champagne and red wine flowed the whole night and I had more than my fair share of hors d’oeuvres. We danced till around 1:30PM before heading home. By then, my feet were already sore but it was all worth it.

Overall, a very nice experience and am glad everyone — including my friend Karen — had a fantastic time! The LV people really do know how to paaaaaaaaarty! ;-D


Despite sleeping late the night before, I was still able to wake up pretty early (okay, it was at 11AM) and headed over to Mike’s for brunch to start off the long weekend.

It was a potluck and I brought my fair share of eggs, butter and bananas.

The food was sooooooo good. There were delicious banana/chocolate chip pancakes, imported sausages and baked bacon, a humongsous tuna salad (as seen on the picture below), baked bread with chili cheese dip, potato slices and more!

We also watched a couple of videos: the all-American “Grease,“Priscilla, Princess of the Desert” and “Crash,” the latter of which started a whole discussion of racial discrimination in America.
After the brunch, I headed back to Shida and met up with my Japanese friends for dinner. It was Mari’s (the one on the left) birthday and of course, I should be there to celebrate it with them. Here’s the picture of the two sisters, Mari and Chico (the one on the right) at the Shilin bowling alley:
We had dinner at Specchio, located at ZhongShan Road near Tienmu. It wasn’t so bad as the meal included an eat-all-you-can Italian appetizer buffet with salads, pizza and soup:

Being the meat-lover I am, I ordered the filet mignon (NT$850) while Mari ordered the chicken (NT$600). Chico ordered the seafood pesto risotto (NT$500) which didn’t look very appetizing and wasn’t anything special. The steak was good, but it wasn’t the best I’ve had in Taiwan. But it’s not bad and the exterior of the restaurant seeks to impress. Having the buffet table cheapened the meal a bit as I prefer set menus, but nevertheless, it was a delightful meal because of the company.

One suggestion though is to call ahead of time as this restaurant is usually full of weekends! We almost didn’t get a seat… and had to beg for one cause it was Mari’s birthday! 😀

Afterwards, we headed down to the bowling alley to get as many gutter balls as possible. Check out our embarrassing scores, and guess which one is mine:

Wohoo, if you think I’m #2, you’re right! Just 67 points, but it was a slight improvement from 51 points of the second game so am pretty happy. As usual, Mari who wasn’t on her top form that day, still creamed up with a score of 90 (she got 78 points on the first game)!

So Saturday was fun and we caught the last MRT train for a nice rest at home.

Because it was China’s Golden Week, most of my friends who have been assigned to Shanghai have come home for a visit. Hence, on Sunday, I met up with my friend DC and had a nice pasta lunch at the nearby Cello Pasta restaurant.

Seeing DC was great! It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other and when we saw each other, it was as if we’ve never been separately. On a span of three hours, we quickly updated ourselves with each other’s lives. We were in similar boats with him breaking up with his ex a month earlier I broke up with mine so we had a lot of common. He also told me about his up/down relationship with his older Taiwanese girlfriend and how life is in Shanghai.

It was like old times… and time just flew. 😀

The restaurant was closing so we moved to ML’s apartment and watched Saw II which was pretty gross (imagine blowing your brains out!). However, we got caught up with conversation that we didn’t even finish the movie!

Regardless, it was great seeing him again! Despite him living in Shanghai, we’re still able to keep in constant touch and I know he’s one friend I’ll keep for a lifetime. 😉

Afterwards, I met up with my Japanese friends and Mike for some Vietnamese fare. Mike was just charming the whole night and it was just fun chilling out with all of ’em!



Monday was beautiful.

The sky was blue, the sun was shining and I was in a very good mood… 😀

Lastly, on Monday, I met up with JC for some yam-cha at the Brothers Hotel. The service was really slow, the food was so-so though the price was reasonable. Like DC, JC is also here in Taiwan for the holidays and it was cool to hook up with him again.

I then sped back home to change and I met up with a friend for some hardcore wallclimbing action at Y17. It’s really nice, having not seen this friend for at least a month, it was nice getting updated and he told me his acceptance to the NTU Masters program, his description of “cool” people in Taiwan, among others. This guy’s one of my fave people in Taipei, and it was so glad to see him again!

Afterwards, I met up with Aussie guy for a lovely Mexican dinner at Amigos near Dunhua…

My feeling?

The whole thing was quite nerve-wracking, and yet, I’m glad we met.

During that dinner, I’ve learned quite a bit about Aussie guy, and in a way, starting to know him a lot better. Yes, he’s finally opened up to me — and though one can say what I got was too much information, I’m glad I already know. He’s going back home for the holidays, and am looking forward to seeing him again when I get back.

This is one interesting man.

Every time we meet, he always has an unbelievably-wild story to share. Last time, it was his escapade in Manila, while this time, it was his once-in-a-lifetime experience in HK.

However, since he still had to pack and study, we didn’t really stay out that late. My friend FL called though, so we met up for drinks nearby.

A fellow Libran, FL and I have just started hanging out recently.

Cool guy.

Well, that’s just about it! Phew, overall, I found the long weekend to be eventful, though one of my slower ones yet. Haha, coinciding to my goal of simplifying my life. 😉


Ah, TGIF!!!

Spent a great Thursday last night by going wallclimbing with French cutie and some other friends.

*puppydog smile*

Afterwards, we headed down to the Shilin market for some cheap, yummy grubs!

And successfully gained back all the calories we lost wallclimbing! 😀

It was pretty good food — ching-wa egg dessert (bubble tea dessert with lemon bits and milk), shui-jiao (dumplings), spicy Shezhuan wontons and mango ice!

We were all stuffed by the time we got home! 😉

But it’s just great.

Given my ignorance, French cutie promised to take me to some cheap but delicious places in the area… just can’t wait!

As for this week, we shall see… I think for tonight, am attending a wine tasting at Tienmu, hosted by Sommelier, tomorrow I have a meeting and seeing XinRu who’s visiting from Japan and on Sunday is a whole-day brunch. Hopefully, I can also attend my friend’s Bali dance performance and another Taiwanese-English play.

Sounds busy, but trust me, I’ve had busier days. However, am glad that this weekend is another day for spending time with friends and just focusing in myself.

Anyway, hope this weekend will be a lot more exciting for all of us! Do share what you guys have done as well!

Take care and c’est la vie!

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