Coffee date?

Last Monday, I received a surprise email from a guy I met in last Saturday’s party.

I already deleted the email, but basically, it said, “Hey, remember me? I’m so and so. Hope you don’t mind I tracked down your email. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon!”

Haha, it was the guy with whom I talked about Philippine politics with in Eric’s party. Actually, the conversation wasn’t even that deep when we started… he complained about the lack of intelligent English speaking women in Taiwan, a surprise because most of my girlfriends are smart and speak impeccable English.

As they say, birds of the same feather… flock together. 😛

Anyway, he was shocked when I told him that the Philippines is way better off with the dictator, Marcos, than with the democratic government it has now. It’s like giving kindergarten kids the authority to rule, when they’re incompetent. Give me an iron hand please if it would make our economy/country better as I’d rather have a corrupt dictator who at least, did something good for our country, than a lot of corrupt government officials who bleed our country dry and don’t really do anything for us.

Usually, people advise us to say nothing about politics and keep conversation light and breezy. But I couldn’t help myself… since I worked for a few months in a public sector consultancy firm, I have strong opinions on Philippine politics, and I wouldn’t want to shut up about it because I wanted to be polite.

So it was a surprise to get an email from him.

As it turns out, relationship guru Mike called me that day so I told him about the email. I asked him if that guy was interested. To which Mike replied, “Are you stupid or not?! A guy tracks down your email and you ask if he’s interested?! DOH!”

Okay, okay… fine, so I can be quite dense.

Well, I have nothing else to lose so I gave a friendly reply back and suggested that we should get together for coffee next time, to which he gave a positive reply back, saying that indeed, we should meet up soon.

Later that evening, he sent me a text message asking me if I was free for the weekend since as a sales trader in a Swiss bank, he’s usually a zombie during mid-week. He gets up at 5AM for work at 7AM…

I gave him my schedule.

I replied, “Well, on Saturday, am free all morning till 1:30PM while on Sunday, am free around 6PM in the evening.

That’s the problem with me — I’m a girl who schedules her week to the fullest.

And my schedule gets quite full too.

For example, last Saturday, I had a brunch (cancelled), wallclimbing at 2PM, dinner at 7:30PM and a house party at 9:30PM. My friend and I were originally going toRoom 18 after the party, but surprisingly, we were so pooped that we opted to go home earlier at 1AM instead.

Sigh, my guy friends tell me that not everybody does this, especially women here in Taiwan. Whereas I schedule “me” time when my schedule’s free for that day, most people here schedule appointments and keep most of their week free.

Most guys are surprised. I have one guy who became so insecure and told me that if I didn’t want to see him, I should go out and say so. Later, when we finally got to meet up and I explained my situation, he finally understood and said that I was the busiest person he’s ever met!

Guy Saturday was no exception. He immediately texted back, “Jeepers, you’re quite the busy girl, aren’t you?! Let’s just coordinate via email during the week to find a time to meet.

Hookay… non-committal guy, ain’t he? 🙂

Well, I don’t really mind but heck, if something comes up and blocks that schedule, fine.

The next morning, I get an email back saying, and I cut and paste:

“hey…sleep well?

actually… about tonight or tomorrow? I generally leave work about 530, go to gym and done by 7ish. as long as im tucked in by 1030 or 11 i am ok……you wanna grab that java either evening?”

Well, his grammar and use of punctuation marks leave much to be desired, but the invite is there. Unfortunately, I’ve already had dinner plans last Tuesday and Wednesday was wallclimbing night so I opted to reschedule for Thursday night instead, writing:

I’ve had better sleeps, but thanks for asking.

Hmmm… I already have plans tonight, while tomorrow’s indoor wallclimbing night. How about Thursday instead? If we do Thurs, I’ll make sure you’re in bed within your godly hour AND I’ll even give u the liberty of choosing the place… 🙂

Fun and flirty? Or not?

Heck, who even cares?

Anywho, Thursday it is then. I’m not really sure of the details because he has yet to confirm with me the time and the venue. Heck, it’s almost 11AM and he has yet to send me the details.

I’ll wait till noon to see if I hear back from him. Otherwise, I’ll make plans with my other friends. I still have two people I want to see, but have yet to find time for.

But I think he’ll email, or face forever being nexted. There’s nothing I hate more than a guy who cancels on the last minute, or conveniently forgets a date… if this is even called a date.

We’ll see. I’ll give you guys updates tomorrow on that java run. 🙂

Btw, how do you make a guy more interested in you? Any tips?
Wallclimbing was fun.

Yours truly was mean.

I incessantly teased one of my wallclimbing partners to death till he was thoroughly pissed off at me. I had to make multiple offers to treat him for some fruit ice in an effort for him to forgive me.

Hahaha, I can’t help him. He gets so competitive when he climbs (so I push him to climb faster) and defensive when you say something about it.

Anyway, I’ve made up my mind to behave better towards him next time (if there’s even a next time). No use to lose a good climbing buddy over some mean things that’s funny to a point. But irritating in excess.

I’m tired now, busy at work. At least, that coffee date is my cloud with a silver lining… something to look forward to later.

Or, if that doesn’t work out, some quality time with a hottie wallclimbing this Saturday. 😉

So till tomorrow!


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