I’m back!

Just got back from Phuket last night.

My God, Phuket/Phi Phi Island was truly an experience!

How did I enjoy it?

Well, this trip had its ups and downs.

It was over 35 degrees C in Thailand which meant that we were constantly sweating bullets…

My travel buddies had different tastes and personalities, which reminds me of Amazing Race contestants at their highs and lows (we had more than our fair share of bickering)…

Everyone was trying to sell us something, and my guy friend was even propositioned, meaning he was offered sex and weed at a price…

Yours truly was totally aghast when I unconsciously stepped inside a brothel, who sells erotic massage, or unbashedly, sex… and I was pruned out of my good money when we watched a Thai circus act…

We missed the sunrise at Phi Phi Island… and I’m a few thousand poorer than last week…

But regardless, it was a fun trip.

I’ll post some more when I get the time. Right now, there’s work to do, so I’ll say sayonara for now! Haha, when I got home last night, I was kinda upset that my social calendar was clear for the next week, but seems like it’s quickly filling up!

A farewell party tomorrow, and a Spanish party on Saturday!

Just can’t wait. Till tomorrow!

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