What I learned today…

How do the Chinese get rich?

They split a sandwich into four and share it among themselves.

They park in a subdivision and walk a longer distance because it’s free instead of paying Php40 at a parking lot.

They make full use of their senior citizen cards so they can get 20% discount from food and free entrance to movies.

They always make “ta-pao” (prepare a doggie bag) even when there’s only a few pieces of food left. “Sayang,” (which means “What a waste”) they’ll say.

They’ll not throw anything because it may still have some use.

They prepare careful accounts at the end of the day and ensure that every penny is well-accounted for. If there is even P20 missing, they’ll recomputed and waste more time trying to find out where the hell it went.

Call it “kuripot” (or spendthrifts) or praise them for their smartness, but all those little savings count a lot in the long run.

If only we third-generation Chinese can learn something from our parents, how much more can we expand our business?

Okay, guilty as charged. Though my parents have never blatantly spoiled my brother and I, I admit, we are far more sheltered than our parents were when we were our age.

Every time I shop, I don’t tell my dad the true price of a purchase because I know how much he’d freak. For you to understand how money-conscious my dad is, ever since I’ve been in Taipei, unless there’s an emergency, he has never called me long-distance just to say “hi.”

“Email me instead,” he’d say. “It’s free.”

But I think this is a lesson I’d need to learn from my parents — being more careful with how I spent with money. If so, I’d think twice before plunking down NT$1,000 (or Php1,500) for a night out clubbing. Imagine how much stuff that money can bring.

Yes, we pay a high price for our entertainment and fun. And yet, there’s nothing wrong with stopping for a moment and asking ourselves if it’s really worth it.

Come to think of it, most purchases aren’t.


Today was fun.

I went on a semi-shopping spree at Megamall with my little brother today.

Together, he helped me choose a sexy backless black top, long black pants, a versatile beige shawl from Oxygen in addition to a simple black dress from Tokyo Fashion and a skirt from Bench.

I was a bit disappointed because most of the clothes were influenced from Thailand or Indian fashions. They looked mostly the same, so once you purchased one, you’ve basically purchased them all. And I was so looking forward to a wide variety of dresses.

Regardless, it was still fun spending quality time with my little brother, especially after we’ve fought last night. We made up, so to speak by putting our fight behind us.

Afterwards, we hooked up with our parents and watched “Zathura” in Rockwell. Despite being a General Patronage film, “Zathura” was fun to watch and we enjoyed it. We later had a late yet delicious dinner of abalone/chicken soup, eel and baked shrimp! YUMMY!

Tomorrow, it’s church time (yipee!) and then time with relatives I’ve never seen in years. We’re going to have lunch at Gloria Marie.

Oh my, I’m telling you, at the rate I’m going, my weight’s going to balloon into fantastic proportions. 🙁

Oh well, at least, I’m enjoying every bite!

C’est La Vie y’ all and Happy Chinese New Year!

Till then!

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2 thoughts on “What I learned today…

  1. Whoa. You’re here in Manila? Haha. The traffic will make you want to scream, so take heart in shopping and gimmicking while you’re here =)

  2. Hey Beachfreak! Yup! Now in Manila, freaking hot here, but food is great and cheap! What’s bad though is spending most time with the parents so have to be a good girl. Hence, bye-bye gimmick and clubbing, and I can only look with envy at the super cheap cocktails available on the menu! P130 for a Long Island Iced Tea?! Now, that’s a steal! 😀

    But having fun here, and getting fat! How do you guys stay so slim? Food is sooooo goood here! ;-P

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