Just musing again…

I’ve been looking at my friends’ blog. They’re the same couple I’m talking about who’s been married for almost 8 years come May.

Reading their blog makes me smile. They talked about how they’re adjusting to their stay in Taiwan, their students (they’re English teachers) and it impresses me how much they do things together.

For example, back in the States, they did a roadtrip, and it was nice seeing them white river rafting, cycling, bouldering, wallclimbing and just spending time together.

I’d like that… I’d really like that.

I’d like someone to share my already-wonderful life with. I’d like a person who I can share my thoughts/opinions with, a person who know me, a person who I can do things with.

I mean, I know I have tons of friends. There are friends who I talk to and have coffee with, I have wallclimbing friends, friends from my organization and more… but I want someone who can be part of all of the above.

So much to share, and no one to share it with me.

*bitter laugh* <– Okay, this is an exaggeration, or maybe not.

My friend say, “You’re 25, still very young! Date around… have fun!”

True, maybe I am young, but I don’t want to be without an anchor. I want something stable, someone I can grow with…

Wouldn’t it be nice? 🙂

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